UniPASS study sessions

UniPASS is a free program of study sessions designed to help you maximise your grades for demanding units, strengthen your study skills and make connections with like-minded students.

UniPASS is available for selected units, and provides informal yet well-planned weekly group study sessions and Facebook groups led by a senior student who was successful in the unit.

You’ll be part of a small group with other students in the unit, and in the sessions you’ll compare notes, discuss key topics, undertake activities and develop strategies for studying and learning. A senior student will be on hand as a facilitator to guide you through troublesome areas, but they will not ‘teach’ you – finding the answers for yourself (with guidance and support) means you will be much more likely to retain the information.  Sessions are designed to be flexible and fun.

Four students studying together at a table

UniPASS doesn’t replace lectures and tutorials. UniPASS is effective for students who attend all lectures and tutorials – you’ll find it difficult to contribute and undertake activities without knowledge from the lecture and tutorials/workshops. To get the most out of the sessions, bring your lecture slides, notebooks, textbooks and any other study materials you have, and be prepared to contribute, take control of your own learning, and have some fun!

Attend a study session

If UniPASS is running in your unit, you’ll be able to check the timetable of sessions and find the links to any online sessions on the Blackboard page for your unit. Look for the UniPASS link on the unit’s Blackboard page. Timetables of sessions are put on Blackboard by the end of week one, and sessions commence in week two.  No registration is necessary, but be early as places are limited.

Why should I attend a session?

Whether you could use some improvement or you’re a good performer already, everyone can benefit from UniPASS. On average, students who attend UniPASS regularly earn a higher grade than those who don’t.

  • Improve your understanding of course content and clarify any areas you’re not sure of.
  • Save time – UniPASS has been shown to be a more efficient method of studying than individual rote-learning.
  • Build your communication, presentation and teamwork skills in these group sessions.
  • Make connections to form your own study group.
  • Pass convincingly OR go for a Distinction or a High Distinction!

Is UniPASS available for my units?

Check the PDF above or in your unit outlines to see if your units are included, and then go to the UniPASS link on your unit’s Blackboard for session timetables. UniPASS sessions commence in week two each semester and run for 11 weeks.

Is UniPASS available for online students?

If UniPASS is run online in your unit, you will be able to access the sessions online via Blackboard Collaborate. Look for the UniPASS tab in your unit’s Blackboard for a list of session times and links – it will be clear if there are online sessions and when they are. Some units also have a UniPASS Facebook group where students in that unit share study tips, practice questions and resources. Students have found these online groups a useful resource outside of the face to face sessions. If there is a Facebook group for your unit, a link will be in the UniPASS section of your unit’s Blackboard. If you have questions or are unsure, please email us at unipass@curtin.edu.au.

Do I need to register?

You don’t need to register for UniPASS sessions, but places are limited so get there early.

I don’t have UniPASS in any of my units or I can’t attend a session

While every effort is made to accommodate the majority of student needs, we aren’t able to support all units at times that are convenient for everyone. However, there are a couple of other ways to help support your study at Curtin:

  • Visit the UniSkills pages to find all the online and face-to-face workshops they have for academic skills, study tips, and other useful tools
  • Visit the Library website to see their substantial support and workshops to help you with your study
  • Contact us at unipass@curtin.edu.au and we will register requests for extra sessions, complaints or feedback
  • If you need more guidance and/or support, either academic or personal, please contact the friendly, helpful and knowledgeable staff at the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service.