Study facilities and equipment

We have a range of study areas and facilities to help with your studies.

Library study areas

Looking for somewhere to study on campus? Curtin’s libraries offer a range of study spaces for students.

Perth Campus

The Library has a range of group and individual study spaces including computer areas, study rooms, large tables and booths, and an assistive technology room for students with disability.

Kalgoorlie Campus

The West Australian School of Mines (WASM) Library offers study areas and computer facilities. Find out opening times and contact details.

Perth City Campus

The Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB) Library includes computers and a pleasant study environment for students based at the Perth City Campus. Find out opening hours and contact details.

Computer labs

Looking for a computer on one of our campuses? See what’s available:

Perth Campus

The Perth Campus has three major computer labs called Abacus labs in Buildings 408, 303 and 501. These labs are open seven days a week and only close for cleaning.

The Library has computers available for student use during library opening hours.

Other computer labs are available around campus in faculty buildings. Contact Curtin Connect for more information.

Kalgoorlie Campus

The Kalgoorlie Campus has several computer labs which you can use when they’re not being used for classes, and there are also computer facilities in the library. The computer labs are open from 6am to 2am during semester, and are open 24 hours during exam study week and exam weeks.

Audio visual and specialised equipment

If you need specialised equipment for your studies, we might be able to help.

Audio visual and specialised equipment is available in relevant lecture theatres and labs around Curtin campuses. If you can’t find the equipment you’re looking for, you can:

  • Contact your school or lecturer. They may be able to help source equipment for loan from around Curtin.
  • Contact the Library on the Perth Campus. There may be specialised equipment or materials available.
  • See our information for students with a disability if you need specialised equipment that is related to a disability.