On Terminated status?

Terminated status means that you are no longer allowed to continue in your current course due to not achieving satisfactory course progress. It is important that you take prompt action to explore your options and the support services that are available.

Options for domestic students (including OUA)

If you are a domestic student (including OUA) you have the following options:

Option 1: Submit a Request for Review of Academic Status application.

Option 2: Accept the decision and take a break from study. You can apply for readmission into a course in which you have been terminated from by contacting the relevant admitting area – view Curtin’s FAQ page for further information.

Option 3: Apply for a new course at Curtin or an alternative institution.

Options for international students

If you are an international student you have the following options:

Option 1: Submit a Request for Review of Academic Status application.

Option 2: Accept the decision and do not continue your course. This will result in the Department of Home Affairs (Australian Government) being notified that you have ceased studying which has implications for your visa.

Option 3: Apply for a new course at Curtin or an alternative institution.

For international students on a student visa, being terminated from your course also has other consequences. If you do not submit a Request for Review or if your Request for Review and any subsequent appeal options are unsuccessful you will be reported to the Department of Home Affairs (Australian Government). This may lead to the cancellation of your student visa, meaning you may have to go back to your home country and risk being excluded from returning to Australia on all visas for three years.

For more information on your student visa conditions, or to discuss your circumstances and the impact to your visa visit the Department of Home Affairs website.

Terminated status information sessions

The Student Guild and Student Wellbeing Advisory Service are providing terminated status information sessions. Watch the Terminated Status Video to understand:

  • Terminated status and its consequences
  • Your options
  • How to appeal your status
  • Support services available to you
Date  Time  Location
Wed 7 July 3pm 407.208
Fri 9 July 10am 407.208
Mon 12 July 2pm Online
Tues 13 July 10am 401.155
Thurs 15 July 2pm 401.155
Tues 20 July 2pm 401.115
Thurs 22 July 10am Online
Wed 28 July 12pm 401.115
Mon 2 Aug 2pm Online


You can register for sessions online.

Bring or send a copy of your Academic eRecord and your draft appeal letter to the session or email a  Student Assist Officer or a Student Wellbeing Advisor to give you advice based on your situation. Download your Academic eRecord from the My Results tab in eStudent.

If you’re unable to attend these sessions you can make an appointment with a Guild Student Assist Officer.

How do I appeal my Terminated status?

There may have been factors outside of your control that impacted on your studies. If this is the case you can request a review of the decision for your Terminated status. You will only be able to return to your course if your Request for Review or any subsequent appeals are successful.

You will need to submit your Request for Review in writing (including documents to support your claim) to Examinations and Progression Management within 20 working days of being notified of your Terminated status. Ensure you read the Official Communication sent to you from Examinations and Progression Management – these communications are generally sent when final results are officially published to students.

See information and instructions on submitting a Request for Review of Academic Status application.

If you need help completing your request for review please contact the Student Assist Officers at the Curtin Student Guild. The Student Assist Team are also available to discuss your circumstances and to review your letter before submission.

All students are considered enrolled until the final outcome of the Request for Review and Appeal process. Students are still able to enrol in units for the next study period and attend classes until a final outcome is reached.

Appeal period passed? Apply for re-admission to your course

Find out how to apply for readmission based on your mode of study.