Support services

Free and confidential support at Curtin

A range of free and confidential services are also available to support you if you have experienced, or been affected by, sexual assault and sexual harassment.

Psychological and Counselling Services

Support for individuals who experience, or in some cases potentially those who might perpetrate sexual, physical or verbal harassment/assault.

Contact Psychological and Counselling Services

Health Services

Comprehensive health service for Curtin students and staff.

Contact Health Services.

Student Wellbeing

Assistance with personal crises and critical incidents, and comprehensive follow-up.

Contact Student Wellbeing.

Student Assist

An experienced and independent advocacy service of the Curtin Student Guild that is available for all Curtin students.

Contact Student Assist.

Curtin Ally

Curtin Ally fosters a culture inclusive of sexual and gender diversity, and can offer support and advice.

Contact Curtin Ally

Contact Guild Queer Department

External support services

The Sexual Assault Resource Centre (SARC) provides a 24-hour emergency service in Perth. It is a free confidential service that involves medical care, forensic examination and counselling support to people who have been sexually assaulted. SARC is not part of the police, but they support a person’s decision to involve the police. Information in other languages is available.

You can also seek further information and support from 1800Respect, the National Sexual Assault and Domestic Family Violence Counselling Service.