Information for students and staff

Studying and working at university can be a great experience, and we want to ensure you stay safe.

Curtin is committed to providing a safe and respectful working and learning environment for our community. Sexual assault and sexual harassment are unacceptable. We aim to foster a culture of respect, care and safety which will help to reduce incidents of sexual assault or harassment.

If we become aware of sexual assault or harassment affecting members of the Curtin community, or visitors to our campuses, we aim:

  • to support and protect victims and survivors, in terms of both their physical and emotional wellbeing, and their study or work responsibilities;
  • to give priority to investigating any allegations made in a fair and consistent manner, and with due consideration to the rights of all concerned; and
  • to monitor our responses to continuously improve our support for victims and survivors, and to ensure consistency in our approach.

Our priority is to protect and support all members of the Curtin community. We will provide support regardless of where or when the incident occurred.

Consistent with our values, we will encourage and model respectful relationships at our campuses and ensure there is a shared understanding of the behaviours expected at Curtin University.

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Student and staff rights & responsibilities

In addition to Australian and State legislation, which establish sexual harassment and assault as unlawful, all Curtin staff and students are expected to adhere to the following: