Curtin Emergency Student Loans

The Curtin Emergency Student Loan provides a small, interest free loan for students who have experienced sudden and unforeseen circumstances that temporarily infringe on their capability to continue their studies at Curtin.

An Emergency Student Loan is not available to assist with expenses associated with studying, such as tuition fees and incidental charges, supplement income, repay existing commercial debt (e.g. a bank loan or credit card debt) or for recreational expenses.

To apply you need to satisfy the eligibility and assessment criteria for each type of loan.

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible to apply for an Emergency Student Loan you must:

  • be enrolled in an Curtin award course within Australia
  • have no outstanding debt to Curtin, including fines, charges, tuition fees and payment plans
  • have a satisfactory academic record
  • be able to demonstrate temporary, unexpected financial need and provide documentation to support your claim
  • provide documented evidence to demonstrate capability to repay the loan
  • demonstrate that the circumstances that have led to the need for a loan was unavoidable and not due to  your inappropriate behaviour
  • have not been found guilty of student misconduct.

If you have a history of late payment of fees and charges, this may be taken into consideration when assessing your application.

Some examples of sudden and unforeseen circumstances may include:

  • unexpected expenses arising from illness or death of a family member
  • urgent accommodation and living expenses resulting from an unexpected change in normal circumstances
  • urgent and unexpected medical expenses.

Loan limit

Successful recipients may borrow up to $2000.

The amount will be provided via electronic bank transfer or cheque.


To apply for a Curtin Emergency Student Loan:

  • Contact the Loans Officer in the Scholarships Office with an explanation as to why you require the loan. The Loans Officer may proceed to arrange an interview.
  • Before attending the interview:
    • Complete the application form that is provided by the Loans Officer.
    • Complete a statutory declaration and have it witnessed.
    • Gather documentation that supports your situation, financial need and ability to repay.
    • If under the age of 18, you must obtain your parent’s or guardian’s signature.

Documentation requirements

To be considered for a loan you may be requested to provide:

  • details of personal income, expenditure and assets
  • identification to prove age of dependants
  • written statement explaining the reasons for the loan request.

The type of documentation required to support a loan application may include, but is not limited to:

  • proof of employment or income (i.e. payslips/statement of Centrelink payments)
  • copy of invoice or quote that needs to be paid
  • accommodation bond invoice or receipt
  • bank statement indicating transactions and savings
  • quotes for optometry, physiotherapy, dental or other medical costs
  • official letters of support or authorisation (e.g. from Embassies or educational institutions, medical or counselling staff).

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions for Emergency Student Loan repayments are included in the formal loan agreement that must be signed by the applicant.

The terms and conditions contained in the Emergency Student Loan agreement are legally enforceable and legal channels of recourse are available to both parties.


You will be expected to repay the loan within six months from the time it is approved according to the agreed repayment schedule.

If you are unable to make your repayments, you should contact the Loans Officer for advice. Failure to make a payment may incur a financial penalty.


You can also seek additional support from: