Religious equity arrangements

Curtin University recognises, respects and values the religious diversity of its students, staff and community, and has a range of policies in place for special arrangements in examinations, assessments, and graduations.

Religious equity is a Curtin value which recognises the important of religious practice and obligations for staff and students, by supporting student and staff religious practices on campus.

Some of the ways that Curtin supports religious diversity include:

  • Providing religious equity examinations and assessments for students whose examination or assessment schedule clashes with their religious convictions
  • Providing religious equity graduation arrangements for students whose scheduled graduation ceremony clashes with their religious convictions
  • Upholding, wherever feasible, conscientious objections of students and staff
  • Protecting the Curtin community from religious harassment
  • Ensuring appropriate facilities and arrangements can be made to support students and staff

Please contact the Multi Faith Officer for all religious equity enquiries.

What documentation do I need for religious equity arrangements?

Obtain a letter from your religious leader. A religious leader is the authorised leader of your local faith or spiritual community. e.g. Clergy, Rabbi, Imam, Priest, Pastor, Granthi, Pandit, etc.

Your letter must include:

  • Your name.
  • Details of the religious event including dates and times.
  • Why or how this event impacts your studies.
  • Details of your religious leader including name, title, location, contact number and signature.
  • Preferably this letter should be presented with an official letterhead.

It is also helpful to include:

  • Your student ID number.
  • When you will be available to complete the assessment.
  • The details of your assessment eg. unit code, unit name, assessment name, due date.

If you have any issues obtaining documentation please first check if there is a Curtin Chaplain who can support you, then contact the Multi Faith Officer if you still need assistance.

Examinations and assessments

Once you have documentation you will either need to apply directly to the school or Multi Faith Officer for assistance.

Assessments and mid-term tests (school based)

If your assignment or exam is organised through your school, please use the letter from your religious leader to apply for an assessment extension.

If you need a deferred final exam you also need to apply for an assessment extension.

You will usually receive notification via official communication channel regarding the outcome of your extension request.

Centrally Scheduled exams

A centrally scheduled exam is usually at the end of a semester, trimester or study period it comes up on your online exam timetable.

The University will need at least four weeks to process your request, so please contact the Multi Faith Officer as early as possible. The Multi Faith Officer will be able to assist with an alternate time and day within 24 hours of your scheduled exam. If your request is ongoing eg. Shabbat then we can make arrangements for long term support.

Your Official Timetable shall be updated accordingly.

Please ensure that you complete all of these steps by the deadline (four weeks prior to the examination period or prior to your assessment due date). Contact the Examinations Office or the Multi Faith Officer for more information.


Equity graduation arrangements can be made for students whose scheduled graduation ceremony clashes with their religious convictions.

If you have a graduation ceremony that is scheduled at the same time as one of your obligatory religious holy days we can make arrangements for you to attend an alternative graduation ceremony. Please note that only obligatory religious events can receive religious equity. For all religious equity requests you will need to contact Multi Faith Officer.

Apply for equity graduation arrangements

You will need similar documentation as listed above. Your religious leader will need to explain the religious reasons why you are unable to attend the graduation ceremony at the scheduled time.

The Multi Faith Officer will assess and verify your equity request, and submit a request on your behalf for alternative graduation arrangements.

You will receive notification, if applicable, of the alternative graduation ceremony by the Official Communication Channel (OCC) sent to your Curtin provided OASIS account.

Contact Graduations Office or the Multi Faith Officer for more information.