Multi Faith facilities

Curtin University provides facilities to the Curtin community reserved for spiritual or religious purposes. There are three faith facilities currently available on the Perth Campus.

From 5 December 2020 you must register your attendance at these facilities by scanning the QR code with the SafeWA app or completing the sign-in form upon arrival.

Building 510 Muslim Musalla


The Musalla (Building 510) is specifically reserved for Muslim prayers and religious festivals. Proper Wudu washing facilities are available, as well as separate male and female prayer areas. The space is open for the five daily prayers (Jummah occurs at 12:30pm every Friday).

Please note, this Musalla is for Curtin students and staff only. Unfortunately there is insufficient space to allow for community and family members to pray in this space.

For queries about this space, please visit the Muslim faith community page or email Multi Faith Services.

Outside of the prayer and meditation room

Prayer and Meditation room

The Prayer Meditation room (Building 109) is available for anyone to use for prayer or other spiritual purposes. The room requires a current student or staff card for swipe access.

Catholic Mass occurs every Wednesday and Friday at 12pm, and prayer, bible study and meditation groups meet in this space. Please check the Chaplain pages for schedules.

Private prayer, meditation and spiritual reflection is welcome. Booked meetings have priority, so please always check the schedule on the door.

For booking requests and other queries, please email Multi Faith Services.

Spiritual gardens

Spiritual Garden

The Spiritual Garden, between Buildings 307 and 308, is a reflective space. The garden symbolises the earth and the unity of all beings around a common focal point – water, the symbol of life. Plants have been chosen for their special significance to diverse religious and spiritual traditions.