Judaism is a monotheistic religion which traces its origins back to Abraham. It believes in G-d who created the world, took the Jewish people out of Egyptian slavery and gave them the Torah. It’s spiritual and ethical principles and obligations are embodied in the Torah.

Rabbi Brad Kitay

Rabbi Brad Kitay is a passionate young rabbi who cares for the needs of young adults in Perth. For support, pastoral care, Shabbat hosting, university letters or to understand more about Judaism and Jewish practise please be in touch with Rabbi Brad via the multifaith officer.

Events and Services

Events and services

There are several Jewish congregations (synagogues) in Perth. If you would like to attend Synagogue or partake in Shabbat meal please submit your request.

Student Guild groups

Australasian Union of Jewish Students (AUJS) Curtin

AUJS represents Jewish students on campus across Australia and New Zealand.

It is at the forefront of the fight against anti semitism on campus, ensuring Jews have a voice and feel welcomed during their tertiary journey. AUJS hosts regular on campus events and functions ranging from the social and educational to cultural and political.


Please contact the Multifaith Officer 9266 3714 or email