A religion based on the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, following the religious text of the Bible. Believers usually meet together weekly in Churches to worship God, encourage one another and learn more about their faith. There are different interpretations of Christian faith and practise called denominations.

Image of the inside of a church

Alliance Church: Pastor Kevin Leung

Perth Alliance Church is a multicultural and multilingual spiritual family. There are English, Cantonese and Mandarin services both North and South of the river.


Phone: 0449 921 419


Events and services

Perth Alliance Church – South (Mandarin/Cantonese)
Worship address: 324 Belmont Ave, Cloverdale, WA

Perth Alliance Church – South (English)
Worship address: Unit 6/41 Belmont Avenue, Belmont WA

Perth Alliance Grace Church – North
Worship address: Hamersley Community Centre, Belvedere Road, Hamersley

Anglican Perth: The Venerable Tony Drayton

The Venerable Tony Drayton is the Archdeacon of the North at Anglican Perth and Chaplain at Curtin University


Phone: 0402 581 215

Anglican Kalgoorlie: Reverend Dr Elizabeth Smith

Based at St John’s Kalgoorlie, Rev. Dr Elizabeth Smith ministers for students in the WA School of Mines.


Phone: 0417 348 997


Events and services

On campus

Regularly attends guild BBQ to chat with students and staff.

Available for pastoral care and support upon request.

Off campus

9am Sundays

75 Maritana St, Kalgoorlie WA 6430

Baptist Chaplain: Pastor Grant Moore

Pastor Grant is passionate about students making the most of their opportunities to grow in their faith through Curtin Christian Union. He is an accredited Baptist pastor.


Phone: 0439 929 050


Events and services

Curtin Christian Union Events:

For more information about Curtin Christian Union events and activities, please contact Ps Grant or visit the Curtin Christian Union. Both staff and students are welcome to attend.

Catholic: Father Chris Alambe

Father Chris conducts on campus Mass on Wednesdays and Fridays at 12pm and serves as Parish Priest at Saint Clara Parish St James.


Phone: 0470 368 258

Events and services

Catholic Mass

12pm to 1pm Wednesday and Friday in Prayer room B109.

Students and Staff are welcome to join in all services.

Pastoral care and reconciliation:

By private appointment.

Churches of Christ: Brian Durand and Vandana Thavare

Brian and Vandana work at Lifestreams Church of Christ Karawara and South Perth. Brian a former engineer and Vandana a practising Physiotherapist both Support Curtin students with their spiritual and practical needs supporting students throughout their life at Curtin and beyond.


Phone: (08) 9313 1600 (Lifestreams South Perth Church Office)


Phone: 0488 166 001


Events and Services

Cell group

Thursdays 2pm in Prayer room B109.

For additional events on campus please contact Brian or Vandana.

Local church services

Lifestreams Karawara

Sundays at 5pm

George Burnett Leisure Centre

180 Manning Road, Karawara, WA 6152 George Barret

Outreach support

Livestreams has a number of support services for those struggling financially, emotionally and socially. Please get in touch if you need a food hamper, some Christian counselling or assistance with critical bills.

Evangelical Charismatic: Pastor Patrick and Joyce Chen and Associate Pastor Jovan Lee

Ps Patrick, Ps Joyce and Jovan Lee are well known chaplains at Curtin University for Zion praise a charismatic evangelical church on and off campus. They run many exciting events for young adults and families.


Phone: (08) 6161 4161


Events and services

Zion Live

Sundays at 10am

The Hub, 15 Augusta Street, Willetton

Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches: Pastor Damien Young

Damien founded unichurch a conservative evangelical church focused on Curtin University students.


Phone: 0411 121 240

Events and Services


Church Service: Sundays 6pm, Wilson Hall, 40 Braibrise Rd, Wilson.

Kalgoorlie: Lutheran Ps Glenn Crouch

Ps Glenn has been a minister at the Lutheran Church in Kalgoorlie for many years and has a long association supporting WASM students.


Phone: 08 9093 2262



Events and services

Church Service

St Paul’s Lutheran Church

Sundays at 9:30am

Corner of DeBaun and Moran Streets, Boulder

International Bible Fellowship: Pastor Duvinh Nham

Ps Duvinh is passionate about studying the bible


Phone: 0409 991 374


Events and services

Bible study

Multiple bible studies run on campus each week. Please check Prayer room B109 for specific times and days.



Seventh Day Adventist: Bruce McCourt

Bruce is passionate about the Seventh Day Adventist health message running vegetarian cooking demonstrations and depression and anxiety recovery workshops.


Events and Services


Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program


Victoria Park Seventh Day Adventist Church

  • Saturday Bible Study Groups – 9:30am
  • Saturday Church Service – 11am
  • Vegetarian cooking classes 1st Sunday of the month at 4pm

Belmont SDA Church

  • Volunteer Food pantry 11:30am Tuesday
  • Free Community dinner 6PM at Belmont ADRA Community hall