How we can help you

If you have a disability, you can access a range of support and services including study and learning assistance, specialised library services, on-campus facilities, mobility assistance and more.

Assistance and support with managing your studies

Curtin’s AccessAbility advisors can assist you if, due to a disability or medical condition, you are having difficulties with:

  • managing your workload
  • talking with academic staff about your requirements
  • attending classes
  • accessing your study materials
  • completing assignments and exams
  • other issues with accessing your studies or Curtin’s services and facilities.

Specific accessibility requirements

We can assist with:

  • arranging materials in accessible formats (e.g. electronic, Braille, audio, large print, transcripts or captions)
  • arranging for note takers, interpreters and other support staff
  • providing equipment and technology required for study
  • physical access to the campus, including wheelchair access
  • other arrangements/equipment as required.

Please provide us with as much notice as possible if you require any of these services, particularly alternative format materials. It may take up to eight weeks to provide the required formats depending on availability.

Curtin Access Plan

If you have a disability, our AccessAbility advisors can work with you to develop a Curtin Access Plan (CAP), a document that outlines the type and level of support you require at Curtin.

Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program

The Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program (CSMP) is a peer support mentoring program specifically designed for students with an autism spectrum or related condition.

Alternative examination arrangements

AccessAbility Services can also organise alternative examination arrangements if you have disability or medical condition that impacts on your ability to sit an exam or test under standard conditions.

Access to library services

An AccessAbility advisor can assist you to access specialised library services for students with disability or medical conditions. These services include:

  • access to Room 325 in the Robertson Library (building 105) which contains specialised equipment and software
  • library materials in alternative formats
  • equity door access (level 3 of the library)
  • access to lockers.

For more information, visit the Library services for students with disabilities and Reciprocal arrangements with other universities pages.

Campus access and parking

For information on physical access and parking in Curtin, see the access and parking page.

Finding employment

Curtin Careers Centre

The Curtin Careers and Employment Centre provides a range of services to help you make the transition from university into working life as smooth as possible.

Specialist employment agencies

There are many specialist employment agencies that provide assistance to people with disabilities. The Jobsearch website has a full list of Disability Employment Service providers.

National Disability Coordination Officer

The National Disability Coordination Officer (NDCO) program assists university students with their transition from school to university, and from university into employment. For more information, visit the NCDO website.

Companion Card program for equitable access to activities and events

Curtin is an affiliate of the Companion Card Program, which gives people with disability equitable access to Curtin community activities and events.

Under this program, Curtin issues cardholders with a second ticket to Curtin events for their companions at no additional cost. The person with disability (cardholder) will be required to present his/her card when making the request. For more information, visit the Companion Card program website.

AccessAbility Services newsletter

Each semester we send a newsletter to all students who indicate on eStudent (through OASIS) that they would like to receive information about AccessAbility Services. Read our latest newsletter and access other resources.

On-campus facilities

Resting room

A resting room is available on Level 2 of the Robertson Library, Perth Campus. It can be used for up to one hour by students who need to rest while on campus, due to a disability or medical problem. Access is arranged through AccessAbility Services.

Fitness centre services

Curtin Fitness Centre offers one-on-one assistance for people with disability needs with their exercise program. The program is run in conjunction with Curtin Volunteers. Learn more about fitness services.

Mobility assistance

Mobility scooter

A mobility scooter for students, staff or visitors with mobility impairments is available for short term loan on the Perth Campus through AccessAbility Services, subject to availability. It is stored in the wheelchair recharge facility in Building 213.


A manual wheelchair is available for short term loan from AccessAbility Services, subject to availability.

Wheelchair recharging and overnight storage

Arrangements can be made for overnight recharging and storage of mobility scooters and electric wheelchairs in Building 213. Please discuss your needs with an AccessAbility advisor.