Carers on campus

Bringing a carer to campus

If you would like to bring a paid or unpaid carer to campus, please contact AccessAbility Services . It’s important that we are aware of any carers who are supporting students on campus so that we can make necessary arrangements with teaching staff, and ensure that carers are aware of important Curtin procedures.

If you have a disability and are not already registered with AccessAbility Services, please make sure you contact us to discuss additional assistance and support that may be available to you.

Insurance coverage for carers on Curtin campuses

If it’s necessary for you to bring a carer to assist you on campus, it is important that you consider the insurance obligations for the carer, especially as Curtin can’t provide insurance coverage for any carer unless they’re employed directly by the University.

In the instance where a carer is provided by an external body, the external organisation should indemnify and provide insurance coverage for their carers. However, this wouldn’t apply if a relative or friend is acting in a voluntary capacity and offering their services free of charge to you. In these circumstances, it is important that both you and your carer understand any exposures that may exist, in respect of their liability and/or injuries/illnesses sustained while performing these caring duties.

Student who are carers of a person with disability

Students who have a significant caring role for a family member or friend with a disability may be eligible for assistance and support through AccessAbility Services. Please see more information about how we can assist on our list of available services and supports.