Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) for Depression and Anxiety

This ten session, two-hour-a-week, FREE group is designed for people who have previously experienced one episode of depression or lived with strong anxiety and are interested in developing skills to prevent or better manage future experiences of these.

Program overview

In the MBCT program, participants meet together as a class (with two facilitators) for 10 weekly two-hour sessions. The main ‘work’ of the program is done at home between sessions, using audio-guided meditations that support participants’ developing practice outside of class.

It is essential that participants make a commitment to practice the 45-minute guided meditation exercises daily so you need to consider this before registering your interest. Also, a brief discussion with one of the facilitators is a prerequisite for beginning the program to determine whether it fits your particular goals and/or circumstances.

Semester 2 2018 schedule

Times and dates: 3pm – 5pm, Tuesdays, 25 September – 27 November 2018 (includes tuition-free weeks).

Location: Counselling & Disability Services, Building 109, Level 2.

Booking: To arrange a pre-screening session to determine suitability for the program, please phone Counselling & Disability Services reception on 9277 7850 to make a time.

Cost: FREE