Managing Exam Anxiety

This two-hour workshop will help you develop a better understanding of how anxiety interferes with your efforts to complete exams of all types, and will teach you strategies for controlling your anxiety to improve this exam performance.

Program overview

Do you have high levels of anxiety about exams? Most Curtin courses require you to pass major tests or exams, and for some students, this can be a source of great anxiety. However, an appropriate level of anxiety can also enhance your performance.

This program will help you learn what triggers exam anxiety, and what you can do to bring it down to a functional level.

Semester 1 2019 schedule

Date and time: 3:30pm – 5:30pm, Monday, 13 May.

Location: Counselling Services, Building 109, Level 2.

Booking: Call Counselling Services reception on (08) 9266 7850.