ADHD Support Group

This is a FREE 2-hour group that will meet weekly through semester with a focus on identifying things that get in the way of your studies and developing skills to overcome these barriers.

Program overview

As someone with ADHD, there are many skills and strengths you possess that will allow you to flourish in the ‘real world’ but there are others that can present significant challenges while you are a student at university. This group will meet weekly for two hours during semester 2 and together we will identify the things that get in the way of your studies and work on developing skills to overcome them.

This group will also be a good way to connect with other students who have similar life experiences as you do and it is envisaged that it might give you the opportunity to help each other by sharing some of the strategies you may have developed over time.

As a sampler, here’s an audio recording of a workshop on improving your planning and organisation for those with ADHD.

Semester 2 2018 Schedule

Time and date: 1pm – 3pm, Mondays, 6 August to 22 October.

Location: Counselling & Disability Services, Building 109, Level 2.

Booking: Contact the group facilitator Ariane on to indicate your interest and schedule a meeting with her. This is to discuss the group further and determine whether it is right for you.