Mindfulness resources

Use these resources to explore the world of mindfulness in detail.


Mindfulness-based apps you can use to develop your mindful approach to life.

  • mindfulness2go
    An app was developed by Regina Gerlach, main Mindfulness facilitator and teacher at Curtin’s Counselling Services, and one which works in sync with the mindfulness courses run at the Service. You can download the Apple app or the Android app, or access the Web app.
  • Headspace Meditation
    This app teaches you meditation in a creative and innovative way. Some parts of the app are free and contain very useful tools.
  • Stop, Breathe & Think: Meditate
    This app offers options for checking in with how you are feeling. And based on this it offers different meditation practices. It also teaches you meditation and monitors your progress.
  • Smiling Mind
    Another great resource for better managing stress and anxiety. It is also an Australian app presented in a calm and peaceful way.
  • Insight Timer
    Do you want to know how many people meditate at the same time? Or do you want to do guided meditations by some very well-known meditation teachers? And do you want to record your practice? Then this app might be a great resource for you. It also has a timer with different bells, and some other additional features.
  • One-Moment Meditation
    Not much do to except tapping on the image of a relaxed figure. Take one minute out of the day, right now or whenever it feels right and pause for one minute. The app has also some teachings and videos available.


  • Meditation Equipment Blue Banyan Online
    Very good online (Australian) retailer. You should find everything here for your meditation practice.
  • Stretch Now
    Yoga equipment and meditation equipment which you can browse through.
  • Mobile Meditation
    If you are travelling this is a great alternative to take your meditation equipment with you. No excuse for not being able to sit anymore.

Guided meditations

Guided meditations are one way in which to maintain and build upon your Mindfulness practice.

Local resources

There are a number of local places where you can engage in mindfulness-based programs and therapy.

  • Openground
    Openground offers a variety of different courses, retreats and resources. The original MBSR course is offered frequently in Perth.
  • Yoga Space
    This is an alternative place for the MBSR course. YogaSpace has different locations in Perth.
  • Mindfulness Perth
    This service offers individual therapy and mindfulness courses, including a four-week course for developing mindfulness skills. There is also a five-week course targeting understanding and coping with anxiety.
  • Mindfulness WA
    Mindfulness WA offers individual therapy and mindfulness courses.
  • Curtin’s Counselling Services
    The Counselling Services Team offers Curtin staff and students a safe professional environment to deal with any issues affecting work or study. The service offers a variety of mindfulness-based programs.
  • Mind and Movement
    Mind and Movement have been providing Mindfulness courses, retreats and workshops since 2013. The founder, Kathryn Choules (PhD) is a qualified instructor of Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction through the Center for Mindfulness at the University of Massachusetts.


Browse the below links to look into online and print magazines on mindfulness.

  • Lion’s Roar
    Lion’s Roar offers Buddhist wisdom for your life, plus teachings on Buddhist meditation and practice from today’s best teachers and writers.
  • Mindful
    Receive 6 issues throughout the year and enjoy the features, contributions and resources offered. This magazine serves a very broad community. People who are not into Buddhism or dharma talks might find this magazine very useful.
  • Mindful Bell
    This magazine arrives three times each year in your letterbox. It includes stories, dharma talks and teaching offered by the Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh.

Online courses

These online courses can help develop your mindful approach to life.

  • CDS Mindfulness-Based Stress Management Online (MBSM-O)
    This is an eight-week course fully facilitated via the MBSM-O app. Access to the course can only be received via invitation. Feel free to watch the video demonstration of the app.
  • MBSR Online Course
    Soundstrue offers an excellent eight-week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) course. Great teachings and great resources, at your own pace.
  • Online Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
    A free, well-structured course that can be done at your own pace in a self-guided way.
  • Be Mindful
    This is a four-week online mindfulness course. Course content: Stepping out of Automatic Pilot, Reconnecting with Body and Breath, Working with Difficulties and Mindfulness in Daily Life.
  • Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance
    A six-week online course from Monash University, covering the most relevant content for staying well and performing in a healthy way. Very applicable for a university environment.


Visit these websites and sample and subscribe to these podcasts dealing with mindfulness and meditation.

  • Top Podcasts
    This website lists the top podcasts on mindfulness, meditation and Buddhism.
  • Dharma talks and meditation instruction
    Very good resource, lots of talks on different aspects of mindfulness and beyond, can also be downloaded as an app.
  • Zencast
    This podcast offers dharma talks on anger, fear, doubt, pain, anxiety, loving kindness, mindfulness, right speech, gratitude, audio retreats, compassion and more.


Retreats are recommended if you want to take your mindfulness practice beyond the courses.

There are many places offered for retreats. Here’s a selection of useful Australian retreat resources:


  • ABC Catalyst Meditation
    This documentary is seeking an answer to the benefits of meditation. It features a scientific focus, the latest research and demonstrates evidence for the effectiveness of mindful meditation.
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn on Mindfulness Attitudes
    We often say that Mindfulness isn’t just a technique. There is so much more to it. Mindfulness is a particular way of living including attitudes of non-judging, acceptance, letting go, non-striving and many more. Jon Kabat-Zinn explains the nine attitudes in a very simple way. A highly recommended watch.
  • Jon Kabat-Zinn Coming to our Senses
    In this video, Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about how the senses can be used in a more intentional way so that we can be more aware and connected to our world inside and outside.
  • Mindful Learning
    Dr Craig Hassed and Dr Richard Chambers briefly speak about how mindfulness can help us in retaining information and offer many resources for the practice of mindfulness.
  • 60 Minutes Mindfulness featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn
    In 2015 Anderson Cooper explored how mindfulness can change the brain. He interviews experts including on Kabat-Zinn and shares his experience of mindfulness practice.
  • Mindfulness and the Brain
    Neuroscientist Richard Davidson describes the kinds of brain activity observed during meditation, and the features of brain activity of experienced meditators.
  • Transform your Mind and Change your Brain
    Neuroscientist Richard Davidson presents to the Google team.
  • The Science of Mindfulness
    Professor Mark Williams examines the neuroscience of mindfulness in the second of four short videos. Professor Mark Williams and Dr Danny Penman discuss the recent scientific advances that have radically altered our understanding of depression and related disorders.
  • Change your Mind Change your Brain
    Matthieu Ricard examines the inner and outer factors that increase or diminish our sense of well-being, dissects the underlying mechanisms of happiness, and leads us to a way of looking at the mind itself based on his book, Happiness: A Guide to Life’s Most Important Skill.
  • The Mindful Way Through Depression
    Dr Zindel Segal, who has studied mindfulness mediation and anti-depressant medication, shares his research and thoughts on mindfulness and depression.
  • The Connection Official Trailer
    The Connection is a feature documentary that uncovers the latest science in mind body medicine and proves we have much more to say about our health than we thought possible.
  • Stress and Your Body
    In this clip taken from the full interview for the feature documentary ‘The Connection,’ mindfulness expert Dr. Craig Hassed discusses stress and its effects on the body.
  • Herbert Benson Interview
    This is an excerpt from the Dr Herbert Benson episode of the Conversation Series, which covers remarkable stories of healing.
  • The Impact of Mindfulness on Brain Plasticity
    Dr Sara Lazar speaking at the Neuroplasticity and Education: Strengthening the Connection conference presented by The Eaton Educational Group at the Four Seasons Hotel on October 24th, 2014.
  • MBCT at Curtin’s Counselling Services
    What is MBCT all about? A different way of explaining it.
  • Centrality of Compassion
    The Dalai Lama shares his thoughts on the necessity of friendship, altruism, family, selflessness, and religion, from the perspectives of such wide-ranging disciplines as education, social psychology and the neurosciences.
  • MBSR Research
    Saki Santorelli and Jon Kabat-Zinn discuss MBSR Research in this clip from the CFM 30th Anniversary video.

More videos

Access our playlist with more videos regarding mindfulness, brain research, neuroplasticity, compassion and documentaries.


Want to explore mindfulness further? These external websites may be useful.

  • Center for Mindfulness
    This website takes you straight to the Center for Mindfulness that was once directed by Jon Kabat-Zinn. This is the website that provides access to very good teachers, courses, guidelines, education and conferences.
  • Mindfulness.org.au
    This websites offers plenty of mindfulness resources for the general public and health professional. It also offers several audio guided meditations.
  • Mindfulness in Higher Education
    The website hosts lots of resources for Mindfulness in higher education. It offers videos, talks, and some inspirations for the classroom.
  • UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center
    You will find videos, podcasts and guided meditations here. The websites provides great resources for learning more about mindfulness awareness.
  • Pocket Mindfulness
    Sometimes, too much information can be overwhelming. Depending on how it is presented to us we get more or less curious. This website provides an easy overview of its content, and makes it your choice where to go next.
  • American Mindfulness Research Association
    This website is one of the best research websites offering a mindfulness research newsletter. The newsletter is listing and linking you to the most relevant research in mindfulness and its applications.
  • Mindful.org
    This website is well rounded and offers heaps of interesting blog-style articles, as well as resources for mindful living, mindful meditation, stories and a magazine.
  • Tiny Buddha
    ‘Simple wisdom for complex lives’ – a vibrant, stylish and resourceful website. If you are looking for quotes this is the page you will find some interesting once.
  • Headspace.com
    An excellent website that also offers a blog, an app, research information and a subscription for news and updates.
  • Wildmind
    This website is perhaps for people who are more interested in applied meditation. A blog, shop and meditation guides can be found on this website.
  • Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice 
    The Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice is very resourceful and interesting for people who want to become a mindfulness teacher. Research, publications and other resources can be accessed too.
  • Mindfulness Association
    ‘The Mindfulness Association delivers secular mindfulness training and aims to share the benefits of mindfulness with all of those who are interested.
  • Top 10 Mindfulness Websites and Apps
    Find the best mindfulness apps on this website.

Audio downloads

Our audio downloads provide guided meditations and a number of basic relaxation exercises.