Confidentiality policies and guidelines

Curtin Counselling and Disability Services adheres to the normal tenets of professional confidentiality as set out on this page.

1. Record keeping

The Counselling and Disability Service (CDS) maintains records on all clients in keeping with the usual tenets of professional accountability.

2. Release of information

Subject to point 3 below, information about a client may be released to parties outside CDS only with the explicit consent of the client.

Release of information about a client will normally require a written consent for disclosure, signed by the client. A client’s verbal consent to release of information may be accepted only when both the client and the CDS counsellor agree that the circumstances do not require a written agreement.

3. Limits of confidentiality

Confidential information will be disclosed without the consent of a client when:

  • There exists a clear danger to the client or to others, or
  • There exists a legal obligation to do so.

The term ‘legal obligation’ includes such circumstances as a court subpoena, a valid search warrant, and such other legislated requirements that may be in force at any given time.

Please be aware that CDS is obliged to report staff misconduct, e.g. bullying, harassment, inappropriate staff/student relationships, undeclared conflicts of interest, and criminal behaviour to Curtin University’s Professional Standards and Conduct Unit.

This document is available in alternative formats on request by contacting CDS on (08) 9266 7850 or via email