Students with children

We have a range of facilities and support for students who are parents or guardians.

Woman sitting with a small child eating an ice cream

Children on campus procedures

If you’re a student with children, you can bring your kids to campus as long as you follow our Children on Campus Procedures. Be aware that our lecturers and supervisors have the responsibility to ask parents or guardians to remove children if they are not behaving responsibly and safely on campus, are disrupting normal study and work practices, or in the event that safety and health standards would be compromised, such as room capacity being exceeded.

Parenting rooms and facilities

Looking for a place on campus to breastfeed, express milk, feed or change babies and children? We have a number of options:

Curtin Perth

Feeding on the Curtin Perth campus

  • Building 202, Room 167 is a dedicated parent room with change table, feeding chair, microwave and power points for expressing.
  • Building 610, Room 165 (Tech Park) is a general equity room which can be used for breastfeeding and feeding babies.

Milk storage on the Curtin Perth campus

The Guild’s equity space in Building 106B has a kitchenette with a fridge that can be used by all students. Expressed milk needs to be clearly labelled with date and should not be left overnight. If the Guild option is not practical for any reason, speak to your Head of School or Unit Coordinator about using staff room facilities in your school.

Baby change facilities on the Curtin Perth campus

Curtin Kalgoorlie

A private space for breastfeeding or feeding babies can be arranged upon request – please ask at Curtin Connect.

Curtin Midland

On level 3 of Curtin Midland there is a dedicated parent room with a change table, feeding chair, microwave and power points for expressing.

Curtin St Georges Terrace

There is a change table available upon request – please ask at reception.

Pregnancy and parenting during exams and study

If you have any problems or queries regarding studying while pregnant or extenuating commitments caring for children, contact our Student Wellbeing Advisory Service. They can help you with matters such as determining alternative exam arrangements, options to continue studying, and what to do if you’re pregnant and your baby is due during the semester or around exam time.