Earn While You Learn

Earn While You Learn (EWYL) is a Careers, Employment & Leadership initiative that gives you the opportunity to apply for paid casual and part time on-campus positions.

With a diverse range of opportunities on campus, EWYL allows you to enhance your employability, as well as providing a chance for you to build your skills and knowledge with various departments at Curtin.

Employment opportunities available through EWYL include customer service and administration, graphic / digital design and website administration, videography and photography, HR administration, marketing and communications, information technology, and events administration and logistics.

Join Earn While You Learn

  1. Complete the three compulsory online modules ‘Workplace Rights and Responsibilities’, ‘Boosting Your Professionalism’ and ‘Resumes’ in the Getting a Job Challenge
  2. Once you have completed the three modules, you can then complete and submit the Earn While You Learn talent pool application form
  3. We will contact you with feedback and further information once we have assessed your application.

Please note – acceptance into the EWYL talent pool ensures you will be notified when a relevant position becomes available. It does not guarantee employment.

We are committed to making our program and online resources usable by all people. If there are any limitations in relation to the accessibility of the online modules in Curtin Challenge, please contact ewyl@curtin.edu.au.