Looking for work

Understanding your options and knowing where and how to look for relevant opportunities takes some planning, but it will increase your chances of securing the job you want.

Job search strategies

Developing a job search strategy will ensure you have an efficient and effective approach to accessing both advertised and unadvertised employment opportunities. To find about creating a job search strategy:

Ensure you know what type of job is appropriate for your level of skills and experience – pitch yourself at the right level for your best chance of success. Refer to our discipline specific Career Guides for employment examples.


By building relationships with people in your chosen field, both online and in person, you’ll be much more informed about which career options suit you best, as well as how to access employment and development opportunities. To find out more about building your networks:

Part-time and casual work

Working part-time or casually is a valuable opportunity to develop your transferable skills and experience. Even if your experience is not industry related, you can use it as a springboard to future opportunities. To find out more about part-time and casual work:

Vacation work and internships

Vacation work and internships are generally aimed at penultimate and final year undergraduate students. You can expect to be supervised and assessed during this experience, as many employers use this opportunity to assess your suitability for a graduate program. To find out more about vacation work and internships:

Graduate employment

Graduate opportunities are targeted at people who have recently completed their university degree. Whether it’s a structured graduate program or an entry level graduate position, further training and professional development are often provided as part of these positions. To find out more about graduate employment:

International opportunities

Whether you’re an international student returning home after graduation or a domestic student looking for a new experience overseas, searching for employment in another country can be a daunting task. To find out more about international graduate opportunities:

Creating your strategy

If you would like to discuss your job search strategy and the oppportunities available to you, book a Careers Conversation with one of the Curtin Careers team. These appointments can be conducted in person or over the phone.