Exploring your options

Planning your career can be daunting and is something you’ll need to invest some time in. If you’re trying to identify opportunities that play to your strengths and give you a buzz, you could start by learning more about who you are and what motivates you.

Know who you are

Understanding your strengths, weaknesses, values and motivations, will enable you to make informed decisions about your career. Focus on your strengths, preferences and values, identify your skills and qualities, and assess how you can demonstrate them.

You can find out more about knowing and demonstrating your strengths and skills by:

Investigate your options

Discover career paths, industry information and useful resources relevant to your chosen field in our discipline specific Career Guides. Search our Resource Library using the relevant categories and tags

Research what’s out there for you by taking the Explore Your Options Challenge.

Decide what you want

Consider what options are available to you and how each option aligns to your goals, and what else may influence your decision.

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Further study

The decision to undertake further study, whether it is through coursework or by research, can be affected by a range of factors and needs to be an informed choice.

Postgraduate Coursework Degrees
A postgraduate coursework degree (Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma, Postgraduate Diploma, Master) is useful for:

  • enhancing your qualifications to advance your career
  • enabling a new career direction
  • allowing you to specialise in a particular area
  • the opportunity to learn through lectures, tutorials and practical subjects

Postgraduate Research Degrees
Postgraduate research degrees (Master of Philosophy, PhD and other doctoral research degrees) are useful for:

  • pursuing a career in research or academia
  • providing the means for you to become an expert in your field
  • pursuing an idea to make a significant and original contribution to research in your field
  • the opportunity to study flexibly and independently, and to complete a research project or thesis

You can find out more about further study by: