Building your skills and connections

Building your skills and connections while you’re studying will boost your industry knowledge and increase your chances of success in the competitive graduate employment market.

Work experience

Work experience is highly valued by graduate recruiters as it helps you develop non-technical skills such as communication and teamwork. Work experience is also a great way to try out different employers and industries to see which best fits what you’re looking for.

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If you still can’t find work experience to suit your interests, you may need to create your own opportunity. You can find out more about approaching employers directly by:

International opportunities

Combining work and travel allows you to explore new experiences and gain new skills, with many employers valuing the international perspective that these experiences can help you develop.

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Networking strategies

As many jobs are never advertised, there could be lots of opportunities that you may never hear about. By creating a dialogue with people “in the know”, online or in person, you’ll be much more informed about which career options will suit you best, as well as how to access work opportunities that never make it to public advertisement.

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Industry mentoring

Finding a mentor who is currently working in an industry similar to your career interest is a fantastic way to gain valuable knowledge and insight in preparation for your transition into graduate employment.

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Professionalism and emotional intelligence

Unsure how to write a professional email or organise a meeting with your new or prospective work colleagues? Keen to find out how emotionally intelligent you are?

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Entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship

Keen to find out what it takes to drive a successful business? Considering starting your own business or full of innovative ideas on how to grow a business? Innovation, creativity and risk-taking are central to successful businesses.

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