Curtin CareerPLUS

The Curtin CareerPLUS program provides you with the tools and experiences required to navigate a competitive recruitment process, and to successfully transition from university to the workplace.

Importantly, we want you to try new things and learn new skills from the experience. That’s why CareerPLUS combines a series of mock recruitment activities with at least one career related experience, such as industry mentoring or work experience.

How it works


The CareerPLUS application form is designed to help you figure out exactly where you are career wise, and how you can begin moving forward. Our team will also use this information to tailor our communications to you.

Applications for CareerPLUS are currently closed. Please submit an expression of interest, and we will notify you when applications reopen.

Pre-program consultation

Not sure where to begin, really want to make the most of this program, or somewhere in between?

You can always drop-in to B102 Curtin Connect for an optional 10-minute CareerPlus Consultation. Our Careers Officers are available 10am to 1pm, Monday to Friday.

Not on the Perth campus? We can do a consultation with you via phone or online, just call (08) 9266 7802 or email to arrange a time.

Professional development

When you begin the CareerPLUS program, we ask you to complete five career challenges:

You can complete these challenges online via Curtin Careers Challenge.

Recruitment activities

The key to successfully navigating the recruitment process is awareness. In the CareerPLUS program, we will walk you through the following aspects of the recruitment process, providing you with resources and feedback along the way:

  • Resumes
  • Psychometric testing
  • Video interviews – optional
  • Assessment centres – optional
  • Mock interviews – optional
  • Reference checks – optional

Gaining experience

CareerPLUS asks you to complete either 20 hours (Tier 1 Curtin Extra recognition) or 35 hours (Tier 2 Curtin Extra recognition) of career related experiences. These experiences will help you learn more about your values and abilities, build your transferable skills, and develop your professional networks.

You can combine a range of self-sourced paid employment, unpaid work, professional development and volunteering activities. You can also include a mentoring experience where you are matched with industry mentors.

End of program consultation

At the start of the CareerPLUS program, you will have identified who and where you are. To complete the program, we ask you to reflect on who you have become and where you still want to go.

The end of program consultation is a great opportunity to reflect on your experiences, ensure you have completed all required components to receive Curtin Extra recognition, and give valuable feedback about the program.

Your career is ongoing, so make sure you stay curious and enjoy the journey.

Please note, in 2020, the Curtin Employability Program merged with the Next Step Mentoring Program to become Curtin CareerPLUS.

Interested in CareerPLUS?

Applications for CareerPLUS are currently closed. Please submit an expression of interest, and we will notify you when applications reopen.