John Curtin Weekend

JCW is Curtin Volunteers!’ largest community project and takes place in September and October each year. Volunteers work on community identified projects that support local communities whilst giving student a meaningful learning experience.

With over 450 volunteers traveling to more than 35 participating regional towns and metropolitan sites to work on a range of initiatives, the experience offered by John Curtin Weekend (JCW) is unique.

John Curtin Weekend 2019 has now finished. To stay informed, with information on JCW 2020, create an account on the Curtin Volunteers portal and follow us on Facebook.

Any questions can be directed to or 9266 3954.

JCW 2019 Yearbook released!

Highlighting 38 volunteer sites and what can be achieved in over 3700 volunteer hours, the JCW Yearbook demonstrates why this is such a rewarding experience. This year’s JCW Yearbook contains photos, statistics and feedback from JCW 2019.