Curtin Volunteers! are actively improving the health of our community. Get involved by helping people with disabilities with their exercise or teaching kids about nutrition.

Red Carpet Cinemas

Volunteers from the Health Sciences faculty work to provide companionship to young adults with additional needs. With Red Carpet Cinemas, a monthly event is held where a hall is set up to mimic a foyer and cinema. Upon arrival, participants walk the red carpet, and meet friends and student mentors. There is approximately an hour to socialise in the foyer or dance in the cinema before the movie starts. The program aims to offer independence and opportunities to foster friendship in a safe and fun environment.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation aims to get school-aged children thinking about and appreciating healthy eating. We help kids at Beckenham Primary School plant, harvest, prepare and share freshly grown produce at their school.

Volunteers are needed for our cooking classes. You will:

  • Run 1-2 hour sessions – you select a time that suits you
  • Reap the rewards of watching kids understand basic nutrition from garden to plate

Find out more

If you’re a current Curtin student and would like to stay informed about upcoming volunteering opportunities, register online with CV! and follow us on Facebook.

If you have any further questions about CV! and how you can get involved, email the team at