Children and youth

Change young lives with Curtin Volunteers! Get involved today and help us provide much needed support in the form of youth social events, tutoring, educational programs and sport.

Beckenham Primary Literacy Program

The Beckenham Primary Literacy Program pairs volunteers with students, predominantly from Year 2, who are struggling to learn to read. The program is usually delivered on a one-to-one basis. Each session has three main components:

  • Word Attack Skills (phonics) – which teaches children skills to improve the accuracy and fluency of their reading, as well as spelling
  • Sight Words – which teaches students to quickly recognise the most common words that appear in text
  • Reinforced Reading – which gives children the chance to practise their new skills by reading books aloud

Cannington Community Coaches

We give literacy support to select students at Cannington Community College.  Our weekly support service:

  • Give students the opportunity to improve academically
  • Fosters feelings of achievement
  • Enables students to fully access the curriculum and make the most of what education can offer them

As a ‘coach’, you’ll be given literary resources and work one-on-one with a student or within a small group.

Coding 4 Girls

Coding 4 Girls is a program run at Manning Primary School that aims to introduce girls to coding, inspiring them to pursue an interest in coding by being involved in the creation and development of technology. Volunteers facilitate the session and run a number of fun and exciting activities that give the students a hands on approach to coding and related technologies.

Homework Help

Our much-valued Homework Help tutoring program:

  • Assists school-age children from Somali and Kenyan heritage with their homework. For the most part their parents are not schooled here, so our assistance is valuable.
  • Covers a variety of subject areas so there will definitely be something to suit your expertise
  • Set in a casual environment

Kent Street Study Buddy Class

Help Year 11 and 12 students excel in the Flexible Learning Program at Kent Street Senior High School. Our program:

  • Is for students who wish for extra assistance with their classwork
  • Focuses mostly on improving basic literacy and numeracy
  • Runs sessions after school hours

To make an invaluable contribution, all you need is good literacy and numeracy skills and the enthusiasm to share them.

Mothers of Pre-schoolers (MOPS)

Mothers of Pre-schoolers (MOPS) Australia nurtures mothers of pre-school age children by:

  • Providing a caring social network
  • Sharing needs and feelings and encouraging personal growth
  • Helping mothers realise the importance of their role
  • Giving support during challenging times
  • Meeting in a relaxed environment over morning tea.

Babysitting (MOPPETS program)

Enjoy babysitting? Help us run the MOPPETS program. We look after children while their mothers take part in MOPS’ activities. You’ll be asked to engage children in fun activities for just two to three hours a fortnight.

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation

Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Foundation aims to get school-aged children thinking about and appreciating healthy eating. We help kids at Beckenham Primary School plant, harvest, prepare and share freshly grown produce at their school.

Volunteers are needed for our cooking classes. You will:

  • Run 1-2 hour sessions – you select a time that suits you
  • Reap the rewards of watching kids understand basic nutrition from garden to plate


Assist children to learn within a classroom environment. Our Support-a-Learner program:

  • Helps out at Manning Primary School
  • Varies from supporting an individual student to taking a small group activity
  • Matches volunteers with students or classes depending on individual interests or strengths

We’ll support you with training at the school prior to starting.


For children who come from non-English speaking backgrounds, coping with schoolwork can be really difficult. Our Support-a-Reader program:

  • Helps out at Victoria Park Primary School
  • Matches you with children who would benefit from reading assistance

We’ll support you with training at the school prior to starting.

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