Vice-Chancellor’s List

The Vice-Chancellor’s List (VC’s List) recognises Curtin undergraduate students, including Honours students, who excel academically.

Membership of the VC’s List is awarded at the completion of each semester to the top one per cent of undergraduate students across all disciplines, campuses, years and modes of study.

A student may be recognised as a member of the VC’s List more than once if they continue to achieve high academic results.

VC’s List privileges

Members of the VC’s List will receive a letter of congratulations from the Vice-Chancellor and their academic record will be annotated in recognition of this significant achievement.

If you are invited to become a member of the VC’s List, you will be recognised at a ceremony where you will be awarded with a certificate and a lapel badge.

VC’s List members will also have access to study facilities in the Postgraduate and VC’s List Study Room.

Vice-Chancellors List lapel badge
Vice-Chancellors List lapel badge

The VC’s List badge

The VC’s List lapel badge was designed in 1991 by Mrs Bronwyn Goss, a tutor in the School of Visual Arts. The design is based on the pine cone which symbolises the Curtin campus and its continuity from the Western Australian Institute of Technology. It symbolises the environment of Curtin and, in particular, the peace and reflectiveness that should imbue our learning. It also symbolises the regeneration and renewal of life that the acquisition of true learning always brings.