Game Changers

Curtin students have a long history of making a difference to people’s lives, driving industries forward and giving back to the community. The Game Changers workshop series is designed to help you explore your leadership potential, develop your self-awareness and learn to work with others to create lasting change!

You don’t have to wait until you’re settled in to a career to start thinking about leadership. You already impact others and the world around you through your actions every day. That means it’s never too early think about what you want that impact to be, and how you’re going to change the game to make tomorrow better!

Interested in Game Changers?

Game Changers workshops are designed to help you understand the influence of positive social impact and transformative leadership. They cover a variety of fundamental leadership topics, including leadership 101, goal setting, teamwork, and forming habits for success, as well as innovative concepts such as building networks, driving change and leveraging diversity.

You are welcome to attend all workshops in the Game Changers series, or to select only those that are of particular interest to you. Each workshop is open to any Curtin student at any stage of their degree.