Game Changers

Curtin students have a long history of making a difference to people’s lives, driving industries forward and giving back to the community. The Game Changers workshop series is designed to help you explore your leadership potential, develop your self-awareness and learn to work with others to create lasting change!

You don’t have to wait until you’re settled in to a career to start thinking about leadership. You already impact others and the world around you through your actions every day. That means it’s never too early think about what you want that impact to be, and how you’re going to change the game to make tomorrow better!

Game Changers workshops cover a variety of fundamental leadership topics, including leadership 101, goal setting, teamwork, and forming habits for success, as well as innovative concepts such as building networks, driving change and leveraging diversity.

Interested in Game Changers?

You are welcome to attend all workshops in the Game Changers series, or to select only those that are of particular interest to you. Workshops are held on campus on Tuesdays from 4pm to 6pm, and are open to any Curtin student at any stage of their degree.

March 9: Leadership 101
Explore leadership definitions, theories and styles, and begin creating your own development plan

March 16: Self-awareness
Consider the role of values, beliefs, emotional intelligence and self-regulation in leadership

March 23: Goal setting 
Explore different frameworks and strategies, and how goal setting can be a leadership tool

March 30: Teamwork
Discuss team characteristics, and the tools, skills and mindsets needed for successful collaboration

April 13: Public speaking 
Identify strategies to overcome your nerves, and examine key elements of effective presentations

April 20: Forming habits for success 
Explore strategies to make and break habits, and how to make these changes stick

April 27: Conflict management 
Discuss approaches to conflict management and the constructive use of feedback as a tool

May 4: Building networks 
Develop skills and strategies to initiate, maintain and grow strong networks

May 11: Driving change 
Discover strategies for driving projects and the tools needed to realise a vision

May 18: Leveraging diversity 
Explore the concept of ‘culture’ and its impact on workplaces and communities