Study abroad through a non-partner university

Study Abroad allows you to study one semester, or one year, at an overseas institution that does not have an exchange agreement with Curtin.

Termed a “Study Abroad” student, rather than an “Exchange” student, you are required to make all of your own arrangements and you will apply and pay tuition fees directly to the host institution.

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Things you need to know 

  • You will need to apply directly to your chosen overseas institution for admission and enrolment into relevant units for one or two semesters.
  • You must complete a study plan proposal and have it approved before you go to ensure you will receive credit on your return
  • On return you will need to provide your transcript to the CRL office with your Study Plan Proposal so that your units can be credited
  • Your study abroad program will not contribute to your course weighted average (CWA) and your transcript will show pass/fail.

Apply to Study Abroad

Follow the step by step guide to a study abroad semester at your chosen non-partner university.