Apply for short programs

Four students watching the sunset over the city

“The program opened my eyes to new friendships, new opportunities, and new self-discovery”

Jaz Baker, graphic design and photography student.

How to apply:

All students studying within the Faculty of Business and Law need to apply through the FBL Student Engagement Office. Please contact them at or visit their website for more information. All other students must follow the steps below.

  1. Select the program you want to participate in and submit your application to Curtin Abroad. Some programs will have application deadlines, so check these dates carefully.
  2. Seek approval from your course coordinator by completing the Curtin Abroad Study Plan Proposal Form [.pdf 176KB].
    If you are applying for credit in place of electives you will still need to have this approved by your course coordinator.

    • Some providers (i.e. AIM Overseas) require that you apply for their program before you apply for credit.
  3. Complete the Curtin University Overseas Study Application Form [.pdf 164KB] and submit this to along with your completed Curtin Abroad Study Plan Proposal Form. We recommend that you submit this documentation as early as possible.
  4. Don’t forget that when you return from the program, to receive to credit you will need to submit your official transcript and marking key to

Please note: Some winter/summer programs at Curtin’s partner universities may be available to students on an exchange basis. If you are nominated for a short-term exchange place, you will not pay tuition fees to the partner university, you will enrol in Curtin units for the approved academic credit. Please be advised that short term exchange places may not always be available.  If an exchange place is not available you can still apply for a direct place.  If you participate in a direct place, you will pay tuition fees directly to the host organisation. You must find out the costs of the program before applying by contacting the host or Curtin Abroad directly.