Inter campus transfer

Enhance your Curtin degree by adding a semester of study at another Curtin campus. Inter campus transfer not only gives you the chance to experience other cultures, it can also be a great career move.

Destinations available

Curtin Dubai building


At Curtin Dubai you’ll study in a city famed for its luxury lifestyle, architecture and geographical importance. The campus provides flexible access to highly regarded programs for students in the Middle East, India, Africa and Central Asia.

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Curtin Malaysia building


Located near the city of Miri, Sarawak, on the island of Borneo, Curtin Malaysia has a beautiful garden campus nestled between the world’s oldest rainforest and the South China Sea. You can enjoy warm weather all year, indulge in the local culture and food, and discover the area’s natural wonders.

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Curtin Mauritius building


Two thousand kilometres off the south east coast of Africa, the tropical island of Mauritius blends cultures from Europe, Africa and Asia. Here you’ll receive an internationally recognised education and can sample a variety of exciting leisure activities and sports.

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Curtin Singpore building


Singapore is one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities and one of the major economic hubs of Asia. Curtin Singapore is a great place to immerse yourself in the world of international business and commerce, or you could choose to study mass communications or nursing here.

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Inter campus temporary transfer

Inter campus temporary transfer allows you to study for one semester at one of our campuses in Malaysia, Singapore*, Dubai or Mauritius. You have all the benefits of student exchange, with the additional security and ease of studying at a Curtin campus.

Alternatively, you can consider our short term opportunities and study tours.

Note that not all degrees are offered at every campus.

As the units offered at Curtin campuses are delivered in English and are the same content as the Curtin Bentley units, preparing your  Study Plan Proposal will be quick and easy. You will remain enrolled as a Curtin Perth student, pay your tuition to Curtin Perth and your grades will contribute to your course weighted average (CWA).

Follow the application guide on this page and apply through the Study Abroad team for inter campus temporary transfer.

*Singapore campus operates a trimester study platform.


The eligibility criteria for inter campus temporary transfer is the same as our criteria for exchange programs.

How to apply

The application process for inter campus temporary transfer is the same as our application process for exchange programs.

Inter campus permanent transfer

Inter campus permanent transfer allows you to transfer your studies to Curtin Malaysia, Curtin Singapore, Curtin Mauritius or Curtin Dubai. As you’re transferring to a different campus for the remainder of your studies, you will no longer be enrolled as a Curtin Perth student, and will pay your tuition directly to the transfer campus.

For inter campus permanent transfer, please contact and apply through our offshore partners page.