Go Global Internships

Are you getting a little tired of your regular units? Looking for ways to get more out of your degree?

Curtin Go Global is offering you the opportunity to undertake an online internship with a global company during the upcoming summer break or Semester 1, 2022!  You will have the chance to put your degree into action and work on real world projects to gain credit towards your course. There are a wide variety of internships available so get in quick as it’s first come, first served!

Tell your friends and classmates, and join us for a once in a degree opportunity!

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Stage 1: How it works

Our Go Global Internships are supported by The New Colombo Plan (NCP), which is an Australian Government initiative to help financially support students participating in an academic experience in the Indo Pacific.

These NCP supported internships are being offered through partner companies called Third Party Providers (TPP). These TPP’s have access to a huge range of internship host companies in countries like Japan, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and India to name a few. You will be matched with an internship in an field relative to your course of study and will work with your internship host company for ~15 – 20 hrs per week over the semester.

These NCP grants will cover the cost of your internship and enable you to join the amazing NCP Alumni program. Adding an online internship to your CV can give you the edge you need when applying for jobs and can provide you with the necessary skills to succeed in your next job or project.

Not sure if this is for you? Check out the navigation column on the right and let some of our current students convince you!

Stage 2: How to apply

Am I eligible for an NCP program?

To be eligible for an NCP mobility grant and this program, you must meet the criteria below:

  • Be an enrolled Curtin student in an undergraduate degree (Bachelors or Bachelors Honours).
  • Be an Australian Citizen (Permanent Resident students are ineligible).
  • Be between 18 and 28 years of age (there is some flexibility here so if you are outside of this age bracket, still apply!).
  • Must not have already received a NCP virtual mobility grant. If you have already received an in-country NCP mobility grant you are still eligible for a virtual grant.
  • Must be able to receive credit for this internship. (Don’t worry too much about this as we will help you confirm this later in the process).

If it looks like you meet most of the criteria above, we want your application!

What Third Party Provider is right for me?

Our TPP’s are all Curtin approved and have a number of placements available! In addition to pairing you up with a company that suits you, TPP’s provide you with specialised support throughout your application process and during your internship. Each TPP has different processes but you will be taken care of and helped every step of the way. The list of available TPP’s are listed below; We recommend you look into each provider to get to know them and start short listing the ones you are interested in. A member from our Go Global team will also meet with you to help match you with the perfect provider – Consider us the “Tinder” for online internships!

*Upcoming providers to be confirmed soon.

I’m In! How do I apply?

Below is the link to our Go Global application form! It shouldn’t take longer than 5 – 10 minutes to complete.



That is all we need from you for now! We will be in touch once your application has been assessed to chat about which provider suits you. In the meantime, we recommend you read through the next stages to familiarise yourself with the process and chat to your course coordinator to let them know you are applying for a Go Global online internship.

Stage 3: Choosing your program

Now it’s time to pick your provider! 

Once you have been contacted by Go Global, please book an appointment. Bring any notes or questions you have as well as your list of preferred TPP’s.

Getting credit

Your course coordinator will need to approve your plans to undertake an internship in place of one of your existing units. If you have electives or optional units on your study plan these can be easier and more flexible to award credit to. If you have professional practice units or a capstone type unit remaining on your study plan this could also be used if your course coordinator approves.

Following your meeting with a Go Global team member, you will need to arrange a time to meet with your course coordinator to formally approve your internship.

The form that your course coordinator needs to sign is the Study Plan Proposal Form below and you will need to prefill some sections.

Study Plan Proposal Form

We strongly recommend you have this step completed by mid-September for summer break programs, and mid-December for Semester 1, 2022 programs.

Stage 4: Accepting your place

Congratulations! At this stage you will have applied to Go Global, met with a member of our team and had your credit approved by course coordinator.

Now you can apply directly to your chosen TPP and finalise your internship. A member of the Go Global team will tell you how to apply to your provider.

There are things you will need to consider and check off to ensure you are ready to go for semester two!

  • Accept your formal offer from your TPP.
  • Accept your formal offer from Go Global and return the signed NCP compliance forms to Go Global.
  • Confirm your enrolment details for Semester 2, 2021 with your course coordinator.
  • Complete and return the Global Online Program Checklist.
  • Complete your fieldwork risk assessment.

And finally, you’re ready!  We have a list of resources below for you so please use them throughout your internship!

Internship Resources

Contact us!

Email: goglobal@curtin.edu.au

Phone: 1300 222 888 (ask Concierge for Go Global)

Visit us at one of our Drop in sessions.