Global online programs

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You may not be able to travel overseas at the moment but you can still take on a Global Online Program which will give you an international experience. We encourage you to make the most of your degree in any way you can!
Online opportunities can help to broaden your knowledge base on a particular project, give you access to work for a company remotely or allow you to mix up your studies and complete part of your degree outside of Curtin.

Summer and winter programs Single unit style programs that are offered between semesters or during study weeks.

East Java Exploration (EJEx)

This short program is free and is designed as a general course with multidisciplinary approach for participants to explore East Java in various aspects. Through online series of lecture, discussion, case study, observation, and direct interaction with people from different backgrounds, participants would gain better understanding about East Java.  Dates: Sept 18 – Oct 2, 2020.

Indonesian Language and Cultural Course

This program is free and is open for any student who has great interest in Indonesian language and culture. Dates: Every Wednesday, Sept 30 – Dec 23, 2020.

LMU Munich European Studies Program

This online course will focus on The European Union in Crisis: Analysing the past, the present and the future of European cooperation. Dates: Jan 4 – 22, 2021.

People & Friends

During this Virtual Experiential Learning Program on Global Entrepreneurship you get to virtually meet managers from well-known global brands, such as Porsche, Boeing, Dolce & Gabbana and Facebook. You become short-term entrepreneurs yourselves when working on your own Start-up Challenge Projects. Dates: Nov 22 – Dec 5, 2020.

Soochow University 

Soochow University International Programs offers intensive three week programs that bring you to exotic cities with both undergraduate and post-graduate level courses in economics, management, and more. Dates: Jan 11 – 31, 2021.

The Hacker Exchange

From the comfort of your laptop, access thought leaders and develop networks from the USA, Europe, Israel, Singapore and Australia. HEX will personally match you with an international mentor who will help you supercharge your startup and career goals. Dates: Sept 28 – Oct 3, 2020.

Internships and clinical placements Work or clinical placements in international companies and organisations that are facilitated remotely/online.


These 6-week programs give students a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience working in the fields of agriculture, business, law, journalism, sustainable tourism, development studies, creative arts & design supervised in an Indonesian workplace environment. $3,000 New Colombo Plan Mobility Grants Available for Virtual Programs.

Challenges Abroad

On our virtual internship you will develop skills that will help set you apart from the crowd and secure your dream post-university job. You will connect with people around the world, attend professional development workshops and engage with experts in your field, all while supported by your own mentor.


CISaustralia virtual internships allow you to gain professional work experience in your chose field with an international company – without the costs of airfares, visas or extra travel expenses – making this an affordable and exciting opportunity.


All participants are guaranteed a placement in one of their chosen career fields, and all interns can choose the country of the company they would like to work for; with the option of completing an internship on-the ground in that country at a later date.

Development Together

Participate in Remote Internships/Clinical placements that suit your needs and also help to support our International Not for Profit partners in the Developing World. Working in a small group of 4 you will have the opportunity to gain industry knowledge, participate in a specific project within your field of study and deliver training and development activities.

IIT Madras Research Internships

IIT Madras is offering 3 month online research internships this year for final year undergraduate or postgraduate students. Students will be selected through a competitive screening process.

International Internships

The International Internships team will up-skill you to work remotely with a multi-lingual, cross-cultural organisation taking on challenging real-world work you will be proud to include on your CV. Internships can be part-time and hours flexible to fit with coursework, part-time jobs or family commitments.

InterChina (Pagoda Projects)

All remote internships on offer are full-time positions, Monday-Friday each week for the duration of the programme. The exact number of working hours each week will differ slightly between the different host companies to choose from.

The Global Student

Remote Internships offer something different in terms of skills and knowledge that may be just as valuable for employability in this current and future climate such as intercultural communications in the absence of situational context; the use of various, often integrated, technologies; cross border teamwork adaptability and leadership skills; and managing teams and technology across multiple time zones.

How to Apply

For application details or additional information on a specific program, please contact before applying directly to the provider.

If you are a student in the Faculty of Business and Law please contact your Student Engagement team at for application information.