Fieldwork preparation

Below are the forms and links to prepare for fieldwork and ensure compliance with Curtin’s fieldwork policies and procedures regarding risk, occupational safety and health, travel, legal arrangements and insurance.

See the flowchart for the process to follow when preparing for WIL [.pdf]

 Fieldwork forms and links

Fieldwork checklists

Your Fieldwork Coordinator may request that you complete the following checklist before commencing your fieldwork activity. Please return this checklist to your Fieldwork Coordinator.

Fieldwork agreements

A Fieldwork Agreement is negotiated between Curtin and partners who host students on a placement or industry-based project. Examples of templates are provided below. The templates may be edited according to the particular context.

Risk management

Unit coordinators, fieldwork coordinators, staff and students must complete a Fieldwork Preliminary Risk Identification before commencing fieldwork, to determine the level of risk associated with the activity. If the risk level is found to be Low the risk assessment process is complete. If the Fieldwork Preliminary Risk Identification determines the level of risk is Medium to High a Fieldwork Risk Matrix must be completed.

Travel for fieldwork

For travel relating to domestic and international fieldwork, view travel procedures for staff and students and the information on the Curtin travel website.

For information about travel insurance, see Curtin’s Risk and Assurance website.


Certificates of Currency cover staff and students undertaking approved fieldwork activities for personal accident, public liability and professional indemnity where appropriate.

Security clearances

Check your course guide for appropriate security clearances prior to fieldwork.