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While you’re studying for your Curtin degree, there are plenty of ways for you to get more involved with your course and your passions, all while developing your professional and personal expertise. You may be eligible to receive Curtin Extra recognition for your involvement and participation in these approved programs.

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23 Things

23 Things is a self-paced online digital skills program designed to help students develop the digital capabilities required for successful study, work and life. The program consists of a combination of selfpaced modules, workshops and creative digital challenges on topics as diverse as video editing, fake news and digital storytelling. Participants are guided through the program through a weekly email and regular blog posts.

Stream: Professional Development

For more information: visit 23 Things and register here or email makerspace@curtin.edu.au

Game Changers

The Game Changers workshop series is designed to help you explore your leadership potential, develop your self-awareness and learn to work with others to create lasting change! The workshops are designed to help you understand the influence of positive social impact and transformative leadership. They cover a variety of fundamental leadership topics, including leadership 101, goal setting, teamwork, and forming habits for success, as well as innovative concepts such as building networks, driving change and leveraging diversity.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Game Changers or email leadership@curtin.edu.au

Student Partnership and Voice

At Curtin, it’s vital that students have a voice in decisions that impact the University, and that they engage in and contribute to the university experience. Student Partnership and Voice means that wherever possible, staff will consult and collaborate with students, making them partners in decision making processes and empowering them to drive initiatives at the University. Not only does this ensure that the student voice is heard, but it can help students develop leadership and professional skills. It also provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience representing their fellow students while contributing to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Students as Partners or email StudentsasPartners@groups.curtin.edu.au