Available to all students

While you’re studying for your Curtin degree, there are plenty of ways for you to get more involved with your course and your passions, all while developing your professional and personal expertise. You may be eligible to receive Curtin Extra recognition for your involvement and participation in these approved programs.

Excited multiracial group of students

23 Things

23 Things is a self-paced online digital skills program designed to help students develop the digital capabilities required for successful study, work and life. The program consists of a combination of self-paced modules, workshops and creative digital challenges on topics as diverse as video editing, fake news and digital storytelling. Participants are guided through the program through a weekly email and regular blog posts.

Stream: Professional Development

For more information: visit 23 Things and register here or email makerspace@curtin.edu.au


CareerPLUS provides you with the tools and experiences required to navigate a competitive recruitment process, and to successfully transition from university to the workplace. This program combines a series of mock recruitment activities with at least one career related experience, such as industry mentoring or work experience.

Stream: Professional Development

For more information: visit CareerPLUS or email careerplus@curtin.edu.au

Creative Jam

The Curtin Creative Jam is an annual 5-day event where small teams of students challenge themselves to get innovative and design a digital interactive experience, exploring the mediums of App and/or Game design, in conjunction with other potential technologies like Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality.

Stream: Innovation and Enterprise

For more information: visit Creative Jam or email creativejam@curtin.edu.au

Curtin Student Guild Clubs and Societies (Committee Member)

Guild clubs and societies are run by students for students, cultivating a fulfilling and well-rounded university experience. With categories including international, academic, faith-based, issues-based, and special interest, clubs actively engage the student community by organising events and programs tailored toward their club’s particular area of focus. Committee Members have hands-on experience in managing people, operations, and events.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Guild Clubs or email clubs@guild.curtin.edu.au

Curtin Student Guild Councillors and Subsidiary Committee Members

Guild Councillors and Subsidiary Committee Members provide representation and leadership for their respective cohorts, acting as a conduit from the student body to the Guild. These students work with Office Bearers to make decisions on and roll out campaigns and engage in student welfare, education and equity programs.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Guild Representatives or email secretary@guild.curtin.edu.au

Curtin Student Guild Office Bearer

Curtin Student Guild Office Bearers are elected students who represent the interests of their relevant student groups. Guild Office Bearers provide direction to and manage the Curtin Guild on a day-to-day basis, engaging in financial decisions, campaigns, and events that ensure the Guild’s continued function.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Guild Representatives or email reception@guild.curtin.edu.au

Curtin Volunteers!

Curtin Volunteers! (CV!) is a student-driven volunteering program offering a range of opportunities that enhance the student experience and benefit the wider community. Working predominantly with not-for profit organisations, volunteers are able to put leadership skills into practice in real life settings whilst
contributing towards valuable community projects.

Stream: Social Impact; Leadership

For more information: visit CV! or email cv@curtin.edu.au

Design your Curtin Experience

Design Your Curtin Experience (DYCE) is about getting more out of, rather than cramming more into, your time at university. Targeted at first year undergraduate students, this intensive program will help you craft a more fulfilling and tailored university experience, aligned to your goals and interests. By using design thinking methodology and positive psychology principles, you can expand the way you think about your time at university, helping you to get more out if it!

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit DYCE or email fyc@curtin.edu.au

Game Changers

The Game Changers workshop series is designed to help you explore your leadership potential, develop your self-awareness and learn to work with others to create lasting change! The workshops are designed to help you understand the influence of positive social impact and transformative leadership. They cover a variety of fundamental leadership topics, including leadership 101, goal setting, teamwork, and forming habits for success, as well as innovative concepts such as building networks, driving change and leveraging diversity.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Game Changers or email StudentsasPartners@groups.curtin.edu.au

Go Global Exchange

*Please note this program is currently on hold due to ongoing travel restrictions. 

Go Global Exchange is available to students studying overseas at a host institution on exchange. Students participate in volunteering and leadership opportunities to gain practical experiences in global contexts working with diverse communities. Activities include participating in conservation, community engagement and leadership projects, organised through the host institution.

Stream: Global Citizenship

For more information: visit Study Abroad and Exchange or email goglobal@curtin.edu.au

Ignite Mentoring

Ignite Mentoring is a student-run, not-for-profit organisation that offers innovative and effective mentoring to students in Western Australian Secondary Schools in low socio-economic areas, delivering a range of programs which run over 9 week periods. These programs focus on improving students’ self confidence, teamwork, communication and problem solving skills. Curtin students participate as Ignite Mentors, Coordinators and/or as part of the Leadership Team.

Stream: Social Impact

For more information: visit Ignite Mentoring or email info@ignitementoring.org

International Student Faculty Representative

The International Student Faculty Representative program aims to improve the engagement between current international students and prospective international students. This program focuses on providing opportunities for participants to develop effective communication, project management and public speaking skills, which in turn will improve their employability skills upon graduation. Participants will build relationships with prospective students, faculty staff and Curtin International partners which may lead to improving cross-cultural capabilities through engagement with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: email lisette.ceron@curtin.edu.au

John Curtin Gallery Volunteer

The John Curtin Gallery Volunteer program offers students the opportunity to undertake a range of Gallery and Collection related roles working alongside the professional staff at the John Curtin Gallery and the Curtin University Art Collection. The program provides students with a range of experiences which will
prepare them for future roles in their related careers. Students are able to put the skills learned in their studies into practice in a real world setting.

Stream: Professional Development

For more information: email gallery@curtin.edu.au

John Curtin Leadership Academy

The John Curtin Leadership Academy (JCLA) is an intensive co-curricular leadership program. Students are selected to be involved in the program, undertake leadership development training, receive mentoring from community leaders and apply their skills by working in teams to complete a valuable project for a community organisation.

Stream: Leadership; Professional Development

For more information: visit JCLA or email StudentsasPartners@groups.curtin.edu.au

Leadership in Sport

As a participant in the Leadership in Sport program, you will be involved in the leadership of groups and teams in the sporting club environment as well as sports officials and recreation programs. You will be involved in projects that can include instilling change in a community group, managing conflict and working on small to medium size projects in teams. Participants will assist community clubs in the delivery of small to medium size projects including events, business plans, sponsorship proposals, or other special initiatives. You will take a leading role in these projects in order to showcase the skills and knowledge you have developed through the theoretical component of the program.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Leadership in Sport or email stadiumsports@curtin.edu.au


Multi Faith Student Volunteers

Curtin’s Multi Faith Office supports students of all faith backgrounds and provides a neutral confidential space to explore your spiritual needs. It is very important that Curtin is a safe space for you to explore and practice your religious faith. Student volunteers may choose to work alongside the Multi Faith Officer or a specific faith professional and will be involved with the management of interfaith events and services or provide general support for multi-faith events such as orientation, interfaith dialogues and community outreach programs.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Multi Faith or email multifaith@curtin.edu.au

National Indigenous Business Summer School Mentor

The National Indigenous Business Summer School WA (NIBSSWA) is a free, fun, week-long residential program for Year 11 and 12 students which runs annually and rotates host Universities. NIBSSWA is an initiative of the Australian Business Deans Council in collaboration with Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University, The University of Notre Dame Australia and The University of Western Australia. NIBSSWA Mentors (Curtin students) are an essential part of the camp. Throughout the week, under the direction of NIBSSWA supervisors, mentors work closely with a group of students, assisting, supporting and encouraging them as they progress through the camp activities.

Stream: Social Impact

For more information: visit NIBSSWA or email NIBSSWA@curtin.edu.au

New to Curtin Mentoring

New to Curtin Mentoring participants are senior students who provide guidance, advice and support to new undergraduate Curtin students to assist in their successful transition to studying at university. The program assists in enabling student success, improves the student experience and provides a professional
development experience to the participants.

Stream: Social Impact

For more information: visit New to Curtin Mentoring or email mentoring@curtin.edu.au

Rhythmos Choir

Rhythmos Choir is an acapella choir made up of performing members, who are selected via an audition process. Performing members must commit to high levels of rehearsals and performances every semester. Participants also includes committee members who undertake office bearing roles and responsibilities. You can also participate as part of Curtin Singers – an acapella choir made up of singers within the Curtin community. Participants attend weekly rehearsals and learn singing techniques and skills in harmonising as a group. Students participate by singing in the traditional four voice parts (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Bass) across a wide range of songs including traditional music, musicals, pop and art music.

Stream: Professional Development

For more information: email rhythmoschoir@gmail.com

Student Ambassadors

The Curtin University Student Ambassador program provides personal and professional development opportunities to current Curtin students who are interested in sharing their student experiences with prospective students. This program provides current students, passionate about Curtin, the opportunity to represent and promote the university by providing peer-to-peer advice to future students.

Stream: Professional Development

For more information: visit Student Ambassadors or email studentambassadors@curtin.edu.au

Student Discipline Panel

The Student Discipline Panel is a vital mechanism for ensuring that academic misconduct is properly and thoroughly investigated, accurately determined and appropriately and fairly penalised. This service has a positive social impact on the Curtin academic community as it supports our commitment to academic integrity and contributes to our goal of ensuring that students graduate with the values, attributes and capabilities expected of a Curtin graduate.

The Student Discipline Panel comprises a Chair (the Faculty’s Director of Students), an academic staff member and a student member.  Student members are advocates for integrity in the academic community, promoting honesty, trust and fairness. Working collaboratively, the panel consider moral and ethical principles, within the specific context of each case, to arrive at a fair outcome.

Stream: Social Impact

For more information: email sdao@curtin.edu.au

Student Partnership and Voice

At Curtin, it’s vital that students have a voice in decisions that impact the University, and that they engage in and contribute to the university experience. Student Partnership and Voice means that wherever possible, staff will consult and collaborate with students, making them partners in decision making processes and empowering them to drive initiatives at the University. Not only does this ensure that the student voice is heard, but it can help students develop leadership and professional skills. It also provides students with an opportunity to gain valuable experience representing their fellow students while contributing to the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals.

Stream: Leadership

For more information: visit Students as Partners or email StudentsasPartners@groups.curtin.edu.au

Toastmasters Digital Marketing Team

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organisation that teaches public speaking and leadership skills worldwide. Since 1924, the organisation has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders. Western Australian District serves over 80 clubs in communities, professional associations, corporates, and schools. In this program, students will actively participate as a member of the Digital Marketing Team of Toastmasters WA District. You will help to develop, pitch and implement a Digital Marketing campaign.

Stream: Professional Development

For more information: email mina.cho@curtin.edu.au

UniLodge @ Curtin Academic Teams

This student volunteer driven program that offers support to students who are living on campus. Student volunteers host events that facilitate academic growth whilst offering an opportunity for developing a social community within the UniLodge Community Spirit Program. These events include, and are not limited to, group study sessions, trivia nights, and research seminars. This program provides support to the students who facilitate it and affords them opportunities for creative innovation, professional development, and a leadership role in shaping a social impact within the UniLodge community.

Stream: Social Impact

For more information: email rlm.curtin@unilodge.com.au