Curtin Extra for program coordinators

As the coordinator of a Curtin Extra approved program, you will have access to a framework that supports both you and your students.

This framework is designed to help you engage students, and provides official recognition of their participation in your programs via the Curtin Extra Certificate. Curtin Extra aims to support your programs’ continued development, while maximising the opportunities for students to become involved.

Curtin Extra framework

Curtin Extra reflects the diversity of co-curricular activities and development opportunities available to students, while ensuring the quality of their unique experience.

Approved programs are grouped into one of five development streams:

  • Global Citizenship: regional and international experiences that assist students to develop their intercultural competencies, creativity and global perspectives.
  • Innovation and Enterprise: students can engage with Curtin’s long history of innovation to co-create and experiment in new projects and initiatives.
  • Leadership: through the social change model of leadership development, students will develop their leadership skills and capabilities.
  • Professional Development: opportunities that allow students to translate their experiences in ways that develop their professional skills and identity.
  • Social Impact: experiences that encourage students to contribute to their local and global communities, collaborating and contributing through service and impact.

Within each development stream there are three tiers, determined by the level of student participation required:

  • Tier One: a minimum of 20 hours participation in an approved program.
  • Tier Two: a minimum 35 hours participation in an approved program plus five skills development modules.
  • Tier Three: a minimum 70 hours participation in an approved program plus seven skills development modules.

There is no limit to the number of Curtin Extra approved programs a student can participate in while studying.

Skills development modules

There is a suite of skills development modules available to you through Curtin Extra. These modules are designed to help your students develop a range of capabilities, contextualise their program experiences, and understand how to communicate their achievements to others.

Students can complete the required modules face-to-face or online. Face-to-face modules are facilitated by Curtin Careers, Employment & Leadership (CCEL) at Bentley Campus. Online modules are available to all Curtin students, regardless of location or mode of study, through Curtin Challenge.

You are welcome to build these modules into your program requirements. CCEL are able to conduct face-to-face modules on your behalf, with smaller programs encouraged to combine their sessions.

If your program already has established training requirements, these can be substituted for Curtin Extra modules. This substitution forms part of the program nomination process, and is subject to approval by the Curtin Extra Committee.

Online administrative support

Program coordinators are responsible for maintaining accurate, complete and up-to-date data on each student’s participation in their programs. As a Curtin Extra program coordinator, you will be able to maintain these records through UniHub. This secure database can be tailored to suit your individual program requirements and prerequisites.

Through UniHub you can:

  • Create a workflow that guides students through your programs
  • Monitor the progression of students participating in your programs
  • Send automated, time sensitive communications to your students
  • Store relevant documents linked to individual students
  • Compile data that informs students’ eligibility for the Curtin Extra Certificate

Full training on how to use this tool is provided.

Curtin Extra Certificate

At the end of each semester, you must submit a record of all students who have successfully completed your program to UniHub before the required deadline. A student’s eligibility to receive the Curtin Extra Certificate will then be verified and submitted to Graduations.

A student’s successful completion of Curtin Extra approved programs will appear on their Curtin Extra Certificate.

Curtin Extra Certificates are updated once a semester, generally a few weeks after the examination period.


Curtin Extra Program Nomination

As part of the Curtin Extra nomination process, you must:

  • Nominate which development stream your program focuses on
  • Provide evidence of the required student participation to determine which tier your program sits in
  • Submit separate nominations to recognise different tiers of student participation, for example leadership roles or office bearers

Once you have submitted your nomination, it will be reviewed by the Curtin Extra Committee. The Committee meets each semester and you will be notified of the outcome, including any required changes.