Your Curtin Extra experience

Whether you’re competing with the Curtin Motorsport Team, donating your time with Curtin Volunteers!, or interested in the Curtin Student Guild, you can tailor your Curtin Extra experience to suit.

Available throughout your degree, you can participate in more than one Curtin Extra approved program, taking into account your course load and other commitments.

Where to start

If you are looking to meet friends, have fun, or gain real world experience, consider joining an approved co-curricular program. Contact your chosen program for details about joining, and how to participate as part of Curtin Extra.

If you are already involved in a co-curricular program, it may be approved by Curtin Extra. Speak to your program coordinator about Curtin Extra requirements.

What to consider

Each Curtin Extra approved program focuses on a particular development stream:

  • Global Citizenship: regional and international experiences that assist you to develop your intercultural competencies, creativity and global perspectives.
  • Innovation and Enterprise: you can engage with Curtin’s long history of innovation to co-create and experiment in new projects and initiatives.
  • Leadership: through the social change model of leadership development, you’ll develop your leadership skills and capabilities.
  • Professional Development: opportunities that allow you to translate your experiences in ways that develop your professional skills and identity.
  • Social Impact: experiences that encourage you to contribute to your local and global communities, collaborating and contributing through service and impact.

Part of your unique Curtin Extra experience is the ability to determine your level of participation:

  • Tier One: a minimum of 20 hours participation in an approved program
  • Tier Two: a minimum 35 hours participation in an approved program, five skills development modules plus a reflection activity
  • Tier Three: a minimum 70 hours participation in an approved program, seven skills development modules plus a reflection activity

Depending on your choices, you may need to complete selected skills development modules:

  • Accessible: you can complete the modules in person on Bentley Campus, or online through Curtin Challenge
  • Relevant: the modules relate to your chosen program’s development stream

Monitor your progress

Once you have joined an approved program, and registered with Curtin Extra, you will be able to track your progress through your Curtin Extra Dashboard on UniHub.

Your dashboard will reflect the approved programs you are participating in. It will automatically show any program requirements or training modules you have completed. Your dashboard will also inform you of any future steps you will need to take as part of your Curtin Extra experience.

Receiving your certificate

If you are graduating this semester, you will be asked if you are eligible to receive the Curtin Extra Certificate in your ceremony registration form. Make sure you tick the corresponding box.

Your successful completion of Curtin Extra approved programs will appear on your Curtin Extra Certificate. The Curtin Extra Certificate is updated each semester, a few weeks’ after exams occur. If you wish to check your Curtin Extra Certificate, or it does not contain the correct information, please go to the Campus Life & Guild tab in OASIS.

Information for international and exchange students
If you are on exchange at Curtin, you will need to order your Curtin Extra Certificate through the official documents channel in OASIS. If you are an international student leaving Australia before your graduation ceremony, you can contact Graduations to have your Curtin Extra Certificate sent to a relevant address.

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Find out more

If you would like more details about Curtin Extra and what is involved, the following documents are available: