Your Curtin Extra experience

Curtin Extra is Curtin University’s official form of recognition for students who have made significant contributions to co-curricular programs. Participation in these programs contribute to a student’s personal and professional development.

Available throughout your degree, you can participate in more than one Curtin Extra approved program, taking into account your course load and other commitments.

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Curtin Extra can help you to:

  • Improve your employability skills
  • Expand your social and professional networks
  • Make a positive impact on your community

How do I get started?

Find programs that interest you

Whether you want to compete with the Curtin Motorsport Team, donate your time with Curtin Volunteers! or take on a leadership role with the Curtin Student Guild, you can tailor your Curtin Extra experience to suit.

  1. Find out more about the Curtin Extra approved programs available to you.
  2. Select the programs that interest you and contact the program coordinator for details about joining and how to participate as part of Curtin Extra.

If you are already involved in a Curtin Extra approved program, speak to your program coordinator about Curtin Extra requirements.

What to consider

Each Curtin Extra approved program focuses on a particular development stream:

  • Global Citizenship: regional and international experiences that assist you to develop your intercultural competencies, creativity and global perspectives.
  • Innovation and Enterprise: you can engage with Curtin’s long history of innovation to co-create and experiment in new projects and initiatives.
  • Leadership: through the social change model of leadership development, you’ll develop your leadership skills and capabilities.
  • Professional Development: opportunities that allow you to translate your experiences in ways that develop your professional skills and identity.
  • Social Impact: experiences that encourage you to contribute to your local and global communities, collaborating and contributing through service and impact.

And each program is approved to a certain tier level:

  • Tier 1: 20+ hours participation*
  • Tier 2: 35+ hours participation, self awareness plus four skills development modules, reflection activity*
  • Tier 3: 70+ hours participation, seven skills development modules, reflection activity*

*Additional activities/modules may apply depending on the program requirements.

For Tier 2 and 3 programs, you may need to complete selected skills development modules which are:

  • Accessible: you can complete the modules in person on Perth Campus, or online through Curtin Challenge
  • Relevant: the modules relate to your chosen program’s development stream

Track your progress

Once you have joined an approved program and registered with Curtin Extra, you will be able to track your progress through your Curtin Extra Dashboard on UniHub. Your dashboard will reflect the approved programs you are participating in.

You will be responsible for completing your Curtin Extra requirements on UniHub by the set deadline every semester (eg logging your participation hours, completing training modules and reflection activities).

Your dashboard will show you all the Curtin Extra requirements you have completed. It will also reflect any outstanding requirements you need to fulfil in order to complete your Curtin Extra experience.

Receive your certificate

Your successful completion of Curtin Extra approved programs will appear on your Curtin Extra Certificate. Curtin Extra records are updated once a year (end of August or end of January).

If you are graduating, your Curtin Extra Certificate will be posted to your preferred mailing address as recorded in OASIS, in line with the Graduation Office mailout dates (end of September or end of March). Please ensure you keep your contact details up-to-date.

If you wish to view your Curtin Extra Certificate eRecord, please go to the Campus Life & Guild tab in OASIS.

You can also purchase a copy of your Curtin Extra Certificate through the ‘Order Official Documents’ tab in OASIS.

Information for exchange students
If you are on exchange at Curtin, you will need to order your Curtin Extra Certificate through the ‘Order Official Documents’ tab in OASIS.

Which programs are available to me?

Read Curtin Extra Approved Programs to find out more about each program or contact the program coordinator directly. You can also see which programs are available at your campus below.

Curtin Perth

Program name Program coordinator Tier level
AIME Tier 2 & 3
Bachelor of Commerce: Student Consultative Committee Tier 1 & 2
CareerPLUS Tier 1 & 2
CERIPH Volunteering in Health Promotion Tier 1
CoderDojo@Curtin Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Abroad Representative Program Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Business School Assignment Lounge Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Business School High Achiever Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Motorsport Team Tier 2 & 3
Curtin Singers Tier 1
Curtin Specialist Mentoring Program Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Student Guild Clubs and Societies (Committee Member) Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Student Guild Councillor and Subsidiary Committee Member Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Student Guild Office Bearer Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Tax Clinic Tier 1
Curtin Volunteers! Tier 1, 2 & 3
Design Your Curtin Experience Tier 1
ENACTUS Curtin Tier 2 & 3
Engineers Without Borders: School Outreach Program Tier 1
Faculty of Business and Law: Student Leader Tier 1
FBL Postgraduate Student Consultative Committee Tier 1
Global Mobility: Health Sciences Short Term Mobility program Tier 1
Go Global (not for credit) Tier 1 & 2
Health Sciences: Research Experience Tier 1
Health Sciences: Student Discipline Panel Tier 1 & 2
Health Sciences: Talk to Me Tier 1
International Student Faculty Representative Tier 1 & 2
John Curtin Gallery Volunteer Tier 1
John Curtin Law Clinic Volunteer Tier 1 & 2
John Curtin Leadership Academy Tier 2 & 3
Leadership in Sport Tier 1 & 2
New to Curtin Mentoring Tier 1 & 2
Rhythmos Choir Tier 1 & 2
School of Education Professional Related Experience Tier 1
Science Academic Learning Tutor (SALT) Tier 1 & 2
Showcase Health Sciences Volunteer Tier 1
Silicon Valley Innovation Tour Tier 1
STEM Outreach Tier 1 & 2
STEMinist Tier 1
Student Ambassador Program Tier 1 & 2
The Big Idea Tier 1

Curtin Singapore

Program name Program coordinator Tier level
CareerPLUS Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Singapore Campus Volunteer Tier 1
Curtin Singapore Career Event Leader Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Singapore Career-Ready Program Tier 1
Curtin Singapore Clubs (Executive Committee) Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Singapore Community Service Club Tier 1 & 2
Curtin Singapore Student Committee Tier 1 & 2

Find out more

For more details about Curtin Extra and what is involved, the following documents are available: