Curtin Extra process

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Curtin Extra recognises your participation in approved co-curricular programs, allowing you to combine a diverse range of experiences with opportunities to develop your skills.

Available throughout your degree, you can participate in more than one Curtin Extra approved program, taking into account your course load and other commitments.

How do I get started?

Step 1: Register to participate in a program

  • Review Curtin Extra programs to see what is available to you
  • Select the programs that interest you and contact the program coordinator for details about joining and how to participate as part of Curtin Extra.

If you are already involved in a Curtin Extra approved program, speak to your program coordinator about Curtin Extra requirements.

Step 2: Complete requirements in UniHub

If you are eligible to participate, the program coordinator will forward your details to the Curtin Extra team. We will grant you access to the program in UniHub.

You will receive an email from UniHub with a link to view your program’s Curtin Extra requirements, including your deadline to complete.

You will have access to:

  •  Submit Hour Logs
  •  Complete stream modules (if required)
  •  Complete the reflection, once you have logged sufficient hours (if required)

If you have not received this email within a month of starting your participation in a program, please contact your program coordinator directly or email

Step 3: Receive your certificate

Your successful completion of Curtin Extra approved programs will appear on your Curtin Extra Certificate. Curtin Extra records are updated once a year at the end of your participation period (end of August or end of January).

To view your Curtin Extra eRecord, please go to the Campus Life & Guild tab in OASIS.

If you are graduating, your Curtin Extra Certificate will be posted to your preferred mailing address as recorded in OASIS, in line with the Graduation Office mailout dates (end of September or end of March). Please ensure you keep your contact details updated.

You can also purchase a copy of your Curtin Extra Certificate through the ‘Order Official Documents’ tab in OASIS.

Information for exchange students
If you are on exchange at Curtin, you will need to order your Curtin Extra Certificate through the ‘Order Official Documents’ tab in OASIS.

Important information

Tiers and Streams

Each program belongs to a skills development stream. There are five streams: Global Citizenship, Innovation and Enterprise, Leadership, Social Impact and Professional Development. You can find out which stream your program belongs to in the Curtin Extra Approved Programs [.pdf].

The Curtin Extra framework also recognises each program up to a maximum tier level: 1, 2 or 3.

Curtin Extra requirements

You are responsible for completing your Curtin Extra requirements by the student deadline.

Tier 1

  • 20+ hours of active participation logged within the participation period
  • Reflection activity (optional)

Tier 2

  • 35+ hours of active participation logged within the participation period*
  • Self Awareness module
  • Four additional stream modules
  • Reflection activity

Tier 3

  • 70+ hours of active participation logged within the participation period*
  • Program completion
  • Reflection activity

*As each program is unique, your program coordinator will advise you if there are other specific requirements you may also need to complete. This may include attending workshops, additional training, delivering presentations and so on.

Student Deadlines

You will have up to 12 months to complete all the requirements. Depending on when you start with Curtin Extra, your participation period will be as follows:

  • 1 December to 30 November – deadline to complete Curtin Extra requirements is 30 November
  • 1 July to 30 June – deadline to complete Curtin Extra requirements is 30 June

Find out more

For the latest list of Curtin Extra programs:

For more information about Curtin Extra, log into UniHub to gain direct access to the following documents: