Proof of enrolment

You can provide proof of enrolment in various ways depending on what you need if for.

Enrolment advice

Email yourself a copy of your enrolment advice from eStudent > My Enrolment. This will be accepted by University departments, the Student Guild and Centrelink.

The enrolment advice can also be provided as proof of full-time enrolment.

Research students can obtain a research enrolment advice by contacting the Graduate Research School .

Student ID card and current year sticker

If you have a current enrolment in an academic course or subject offered by Curtin University (excludes Curtin International College and Short courses) and have a student identification number you are eligible for the student 20** sticker. The sticker can be used as proof of Guild membership or off campus to obtain student concessions.

You will need to:

The Student ID card will be used as proof of identification when sitting an exam.  You do not need to have a current year sticker.

Official documents

There are also official documents that prove your enrolment in courses or units.  These documents can be ordered as needed, fees may apply. Further details are explained on the official documents page under forms and documents.