Changing your details

Changing your address

All students are required to provide an up-to-date residential address. You may apply an additional mailing address such as a post office box. This ensures we can contact you.

The easiest way to update your address details is online via OASIS.

Follow the path My Studies > eStudent > My Details > Contact Details.

You can contact Curtin Connect if you require further assistance.

If you are on a student visa, it is a condition of your visa to update any changes to your address details within seven days.

Changing your formal name

It is important that your records reflect your full formal legal name accurately as this information is used in government reporting and will also affect your official documents.

To change your formal name details that are on record, you need to:

  • Complete a change of personal details
  • Provide original or certified copies of primary documentation showing your name change – passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate, deed poll – refer to requirements and guidelines for scanned or certified copies of originals
  • Submit your form and supporting documentation
    • In person to Curtin Connect on Bentley Campus
    • Via email to Curtin Connect.  

Changing your preferred name

You can update your preferred name or gender by contacting Curtin Connect.

You can request an update via email using your Curtin student email address and does not require supporting documentation.