Changing your details

While you are studying at Curtin it is important to keep your personal details up to date.  Out of date information may affect how we contact you, your fee liability or your academic records.

Changing your name

It is important that your records reflect your full formal legal name accurately as this information is used in government reporting and will also affect your official documents.

You can find out what records are held by going to OASIS > My Studies > eStudent > My Details.

To change your formal name complete a change of personal details form and provide required original or certified documentation. A list of acceptable documentation can be found on the form. Submit the form by email or in person to Curtin Connect.

To change your preferred name email Curtin Connect from your Curtin student email address.  No supporting documentation is required.

If you are studying via Open Universities Australia you can change your details in My Study Centre.

Changing your address

Students are required to provide a current residential address. You may supply an additional mailing address such as a post office box.  

The easiest way to update your address details is online via OASIS.

Follow the path My Studies > eStudent > My Details > Contact Details.

You can contact Curtin Connect if you require further assistance.

If you are on a student visa, it is a condition of your visa to update any changes to your address details within seven days.

If you are an OUA student wishing to change your personal details (i.e. name, citizenship, date of birth, gender, etc.), you will instead need to sign in to your student hub, click the menu and select enquire online:

Changing your gender details

To change your gender details email Curtin Connect from your Curtin student email address.

Curtin systems allow for identification as M (male), F (female), or X (indeterminate/unspecified/intersex). No supporting documentation is required.

For support and further information see the Gender Transition at Curtin guide or contact a Curtin Ally or the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service.

Changing your details with the University will not automatically change your details with government agencies and could lead to delays in services with agencies whilst verifications take place.  For example, Centrelink student support payments may be interrupted if name and gender records do not match at both the University and Centrelink. Please carefully consider any potential consequences of not changing your personal details with all government agencies you deal with.

Changing your citizenship or visa status

To change your citizenship or visa status:

It is important that your residency status is accurate as this affects your fee liability. Requests must be lodged before the census date to be effective for the study period.

For further information on domestic and international course fees visit the fees and charges page.

If you are changing your residency status from international student to a domestic student you may need to complete an electronic Commonwealth Assistance form (eCAF).

Changing your cultural details

Curtin keeps a record of your cultural details. You can find out what information is held in OASIS.

Follow the path My Studies > eStudent > My Details > Cultural Details.

The information includes your main language and if you identify as an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

To request a change to the details we have on record, you can contact Curtin Connect.

Changing your bank details

If you are in receipt of a scholarship you will need to ensure your bank details are kept up to date.  

You bank details are managed within Concur which is available from OASIS > Scholarship payments. 

When in Concur go to Expense Settings > Bank Information. 

For detailed instructions refer to Concur Student User Guide [545 KB .pdf]

Other personal details

To update any other personal details that are held by the University contact Curtin Connect.