Managing your scholarship

As a scholarship recipient you need to ensure you get the most out of your award.

Each scholarship has conditions in place which are outlined in your terms and conditions. These conditions will require you to maintain standards of academic performance, enrolment loading and general conduct.

Each semester your enrolment and results will be checked to ensure you are meeting the conditions of your scholarship. You will be notified, via your official communications channel in OASIS, if you have not met the requirements of your scholarship.

Study load

Yes, you may be considered for a scholarship if you study part-time, as long as the scholarship allows it. Most financial need-based scholarships allow part-time study, however most merit-based scholarships are only offered for students who are studying full-time (75 or 100 credits per semester).

You can check if a scholarship allows part-time study on the Scholarships website by clicking on the scholarship name.

Course switching

If you are considering changing courses, check your Terms and Conditions to determine if you can keep your scholarship.

Please notify the Scholarships Office if you wish to change your course.

Failing a unit

This depends on the scholarship you are in receipt of. Your Scholarship Terms and Conditions will detail the conditions you need to meet in order to maintain your scholarship.

If you are in receipt of a fee paying scholarship and you fail a unit, you will be responsible for any additional fees or expenses.

Please contact the Scholarships Office should you wish to check the conditions of your scholarship.


Your scholarship may have an effect on your Centrelink payments.  For advice contact Centrelink or visit a Centrelink Office.

If you need a letter about your scholarship for Centrelink, contact the Scholarships Office.

Commonwealth scholarships are not assessed as income for social security purposes.

If you are a full-time student, any money paid by the University towards your fees (student contribution) is not considered as income.

Minimum academic standing for coursework scholarship

Your terms and conditions will outline the expected level of academic progress for your specific scholarship.

You must meet the academic requirements specified in your terms and conditions in order to maintain your scholarship.


If you are studying full-time your scholarship money will usually not be treated as taxable income.

Exceptions may apply if:

  • Your study load is less than 75 credits (part-time)
  • It is a condition of your scholarship that you undertake activities that are of use, help or benefit to the scholarship provider (i.e you are rendering a service by agreeing to undertake the activities)
  • Upon completion of your degree you are required to become, or shall continue to be, an employee of the scholarship provider.
  • Your scholarship is not provided principally for educational purposes.

Use the online scholarship tool on the Australian Taxation Office website to find our more or for expert advice contact the Australian Taxation Office or your accountant.

If a letter regarding your scholarship is required for taxation purposes, contact the Scholarships Office.

Extending your postgraduate research scholarship

Your terms and conditions will specify the maximum length of extension you can apply for under the tenure or duration of award section.

To apply for an extension to your scholarship, you must provide the Manager of Scholarships, Office of Research and Development with:

  • A letter detailing the delays you have experienced in your research. These must be related to your research rather than of a personal nature.
  • A supporting letter from your supervisor confirming the delays and satisfactory progress during periods outside the periods of delays.

Once a decision has been made, a letter will be sent to you advising you of the outcome and your payments will be adjusted accordingly.

To ensure there is no disruption to your pay, submit your application for extension at least two weeks prior to your scholarship end date.