Credit for recognised learning appeal

An applicant, who believes their application for credit for recognised learning has not been fully or fairly assessed, may request a review of their application and may lodge a formal appeal provided that:

  • the application for credit for recognised learning was lodged on time; and
  • all required documentation (see procedure Credit Documentation Requirements) was supplied with the original application.

Step 1: Raise your concerns

You are encouraged to initially discuss your concerns with the decision maker, usually the relevant Unit Coordinator or alternatively the Director Learning and Teaching from the school.  If you choose you may be accompanied by another person from within the University during these discussions.

If you feel you are still not receiving acknowledgement of your prior learning then you may lodge a formal appeal.

Step 2: Lodge a formal appeal in writing

Appeals may only be lodged in relation to decisions on credit made by the relevant Pro Vice-Chancellor or authorised officer.

Appeals may not be lodged against a decision to not grant credit if considered under the Exceptions Approval – Non Standard Credit process (those decisions requiring approval by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic).

A formal appeal must be submitted in writing within 10 working days of notification of the outcome of an application for credit for recognised learning.

As a minimum the written appeal should include:

  • A letter which states what you believe you should be recognised for
  • Proof of your achievements.

The written appeal should be lodged with Manager, Admissions Office via emailing

You will be sent an acknowledgement of receipt of the appeal within five working days.

Where an authorised officer is responsible for the assessment of the relevant credit for recognised learning application, the appeal will be assessed and decided by the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor. The decision of the relevant Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor is final and there are no further avenues to appeal.

Alternatively, where the Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor has made the original decision, the appeal will be decided by the Provost. The decision of the Provost is final and there are no further avenues to appeal.

The decision maker will notify you, in writing, of the appeal outcome within 15 working days of the receipt of your application.