Students can seek to have a decision reviewed if they feel:

  • a decision has been made without full knowledge of the circumstances
  • they have been unfairly treated in some way.

Each type of appeal has its own process that needs to be followed.  Choose the type of appeal that is applicable to your situation.

International Student Appeal Information

All Curtin University appeal processes listed above are compliant with Standard 10 – Complaints and appeals, of the ESOS National Code. This standard requires that the University:

  1. Commence assessment of complaints or appeals within 10 working days of their being received and finalise outcomes as soon as practicable;
  2. Ensure international students are given an opportunity to formally present their case (in writing or in person, depending on the appeal process) at minimal or no cost and be accompanied and assisted by a support person at any relevant meetings;
  3. Conduct the assessment of complaints or appeals in a professional, fair and transparent manner; and
  4. Ensure students are given a written statement of the outcome of their internal appeal, including detailed reasons for the outcome.

Please go through the Appeal options listed above to see the required steps for each appeal process. Further information on appeals may also be provided in Official Communication Channel (OCC) messages or letters from the University

External Appeals for International Students

Students who are not satisfied with the University’s internal appeals processes can lodge an external appeal with the West Australian Ombudsman. Please note: you must have exhausted all of your internal appeal and complaint options before contacting the West Australian Ombudsman.

Higher degree by research

If you are a higher degree by research student, refer to the appeals process outlined in the University statutes and rules:

  • Rule No. 10 Made Pursuant to Statute 12 – Enrolment: Degree of Doctor by Research
  • Rule No. 11 Made Pursuant to Statute 12 – Enrolment: Degree of Master by Research