Student rights and responsibilities

As a Curtin University student, you are part of the Curtin community and as such, you have rights and responsibilities.

Some relate to your work as a student, such as academic integrity and copyright. Others relate to your use of resources and the way you behave around other students.

The online resource Conduct at Curtin: A guide for students provides an overview of Curtin’s values and the standards of appropriate behaviour expected of all students and staff.

The information below provides a summary of your rights and responsibilities.

Check and confirm your enrolment

Your first responsibility as a student is to check your enrolment is correct and arrange to have it updated immediately (before the start of the study period) if it does not accurately reflect your situation. 

Uphold Curtin values

In the Curtin community you are expected to uphold Curtin’s core values of:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Excellence
  • Impact.

Follow the Student Charter

The Student Charter sets out expectations and your responsibilities as a student and has been developed in partnership between the University and the Student Guild. 

Align with Academic Integrity principles

Curtin’s five core values align with the principles of academic integrity.   

All students have a responsibility to complete the Academic Integrity Program.

Meet deadlines

As a student at Curtin, you must meet any deadlines that are set, including those for: 

  • enrolment (including re-enrolment) 
  • withdrawing from units 
  • a range of other administrative actions 

Meeting a deadline means you have submitted the appropriate forms with all essential parts completed by 5:00pm (western standard time) on the due date.  Many of the key dates are set out in the Academic Calendar.

Provide feedback

You will have several opportunities to provide feedback about your units, course and experiences while studying at Curtin. 

During your studies you will be asked to complete: 

After you complete your course you will receive the Australian Graduate Survey. 

Providing constructive feedback will enable Curtin to improve the quality of its courses and facilities, which will enhance the reputation and value of your degree. 

At any other time you can provide feedback through Curtin Connect, direct to your faculty or through the University Complaints and Feedback process.

Use ICT resources appropriately

As a Curtin student you are given access to the University’s information and communications technology (ICT) services and facilities to help you study, research and work more effectively. There are many policies and guidelines in place to help you use these facilities appropriately and to protect you from the actions of others.  

There are severe penalties for anyone who does not abide by the ICT policies set by Curtin. Penalties include, but are not limited to, suspension or termination of enrolment or dismissal. If you break any Australian law you will also reported to the relevant authorities and may have criminal or civil prosecution against you. 

Adhere to statutes, rules, policies and procedures

There are other statutes, rules, policies and procedures that may apply during your time as a Curtin student.   

These are all published on the policies site.

Right of appeal

Students have a right of appeal against academic or administrative decisions affecting them. View the appeals section for full details of each process and where to get support.