Perth and Online Orientation

Curtin’s Semester 2, 2020 Orientation will be hosted fully online. This is part of Curtin’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its commitment to ensuring your studies get off to a safe and successful start. 

Orientation is the important first step to set you up for a successful first semester at Curtin. Whether you’re studying at the Perth Campus or online, Orientation is your opportunity to find your way around your learning environment, explore what support services are available to you and to connect with your peers and key staff.

Your Orientation is made up of three key steps:

  1. Completing key tasks before O-Week.
  2. Participating in your compulsory O-Week and Faculty Welcome sessions.
  3. Getting involved in workshops and events in O-Week and during your first four weeks of semester.

Semester 2, 2020 O-Week will be held on Monday 27 July to Friday 31 July 2020.

Complete the key tasks prior to O-Week

OASIS is where you can complete your enrolment, check messages and access Blackboard, Curtin’s learning management system.

Log in to OASIS to complete the tasks below:

Complete your enrolment via OASIS

Log in to OASIS and follow the prompts to enrol in your units. If you’re studying on campus, you can register for classes and create your class timetable.

You’ll need to enrol into your units before O-Week, so you can view your compulsory academic sessions to introduce you to your course and key staff. Your compulsory academic sessions are automatically added to your Personalised Orientation Planner in OASIS, so it’s important you complete your enrolment as soon as you can.

Order your student ID card

Your student ID card identifies you as a member of the Curtin community and gives you access to campus facilities and services.

Go to the ‘Campus Life & Guild’ tab in OASIS and click on the ‘FastTrack ID Card’ icon to order your student ID card.

Download your unit outlines

Unit outlines give you details of tasks, assessments, contact details for each unit you are enrolled in. Find your unit outlines in the ‘My Studies’ tab in OASIS. If they’re not available to view yet, check back closer to the start of the semester.

Download your free copy of Microsoft Office

As a Curtin student, you have access to a range of free and discounted software. Follow the steps below to download your free copy of Microsoft Office 365.

  1. Within the OASIS ‘Welcome’ tab, click on ‘Open your OASIS email’.
  2. Click ‘Office 365’ in the top left corner of the page.
  3. Select ‘Install Office’ and follow the prompts.

If you need help, see the Microsoft Office help page.

Plan your O-Week

Set yourself up for success in your studies and ensure you engage with the three key session types throughout O-Week:

Compulsory academic sessions

Make sure you view your compulsory academic sessions to introduce you to your course and key staff.

Your compulsory academic sessions are automatically added to your Personalised Orientation Planner in OASIS.

Information sessions

Get the best start to your studies by attending as many information sessions as you can! You’ll also learn about useful services and programs you will use throughout your course.

Information sessions are categorised into three session types to help you succeed:

  1. Uni Essentials: Learn the basics of university and being a Curtin Student
  2. Uni Life: find out how to create you university experience outside of the classroom
  3. Uni Skills: develop the key skills you’ll bed for academic and personal success at university.

Choose the sessions you’d like to attend through your Personalised Orientation Planner in OASIS.

Opportunities to meet and connect

O-Week is your opportunity to meet and connect with other students who are also commencing their study journey.

Head to OASIS and select the social events and activities you’d like to attend through your Personalised Orientation Planner.

  • Virtual Yoga
  • Student Sew-Along
  • Friend Speed Dating
  • Origami Jam
  • Virtual Quiz Night
  • Drink and Draw

Get ready for O-Week and your first semester

Here’s what else you need to do to get ready for a successful first semester at university:

Get ready to connect online during O-Week

It’s important that you read through and understand the online user guides to help prepare you to successfully  connect online during O-Week.

View the Online User Guide.

Get to know Blackboard, iLecture and your online study tools

Blackboard is Curtin’s learning management system and is where you’ll find the learning resources for your units. Read through the Blackboard student guides and get familiar with Blackboard’s online tools and functions

iLecture allows you to access recordings of your unit lecturers or other video-based resources prepared by your lecturers. Learn about how to use iLecture’s features in the iLecture student guide.

Curtin also has a range of online systems you’ll use to study, communicate, access lecture recordings and submit assignments. Read through Curtin’s IT guides to get familiar with your online study tools.

Communicate while you study

There are plenty of ways you can communicate with your tutors, lecturers and fellow students, which will make online studying a rich and interactive experience.

Learn how to use your student email and discussion boards to communicate with your peers.

Get ready to meet your mentor

Undergraduate and enabling program students will be matched with an experienced student mentor who will help you through your first semester at Curtin. Your mentor will connect with you in person or through email.

Join the New to Curtin Facebook Group

Join the New to Curtin Semester 2 Facebook Group for useful tips and tricks from Curtin mentors on how to have a successful first semester at Curtin. You’ll also find out about opportunities, workshops and events to help you feel connected to the Curtin community and your peers.

Download the Orientation checklist

There are other tasks to complete during O-Week and before your first class. Download the Orientation checklist and complete all the key tasks to set you up for a successful O-Week and first few weeks of semester.

Help keep Curtin COVID safe

Health and safety are our highest priority, and there are some simple things we need you to do to keep yourself and others safe when you are on campus:

  • Wash your hands or use hand sanitiser often. Sanitiser is available across the campus
  • Cover your mouth and nose if you cough or sneeze
  • Keep around 1.5 metres between yourself and others whenever possible
  • Avoid any unnecessary physical contact with others – don’t shake hands or hug
  • Stay at home if you are unwell
  • Get tested for COVID-19 if you have a fever, cough or sore throat

If we all follow these guidelines we can keep our campus COVID safe.