If you need to change your enrolment for any reason you have a few options available to you.

Before you amend your enrolment we recommend you consider your choice carefully.

The guide below will help you find support and understand the impact withdrawing can have on your studies.

Access academic support

If you are experiencing difficulties with your units or study load you can: 

Ensure you understand how withdrawing can impact: 

Access counselling or medical support services

If you are experiencing personal or medical difficulties access student wellbeingcounselling or medical support services.

Understand the financial and academic penalties and conditions

Before census date – no penalty 

You may withdraw units from your current study period, without incurring penalties, until the relevant census date published on the academic calendar. 

Withdraw after census date – with penalty 

You may still withdraw from your units of study after the census date, however you will incur a penalty. This period is known as the final period for withdrawal from units with penalty. 

Withdrawal from any units during this period will be recorded on your academic record as “Withdrawn” (WD) and you will still be liable for the relevant student contributions or tuition fees. 

After final period for withdraw 

After this final withdrawal date, unit withdrawal is not allowed and you will receive a grade based on your performance in the unit, which may be a Fail mark. 

Financial benefits and scholarships  

If you are in receipt of a financial benefit or scholarship contact the provider to find out how the withdrawal will affect your financial assistance.

Withdrawing from a unit

You can withdraw from any enrolled units through eStudent in OASIS.

If the unit you withdraw from has one or more co-requisite units you will automatically be withdrawn from those as well.

If you are enrolled in an OUA unit you will need to follow the OUA process for withdrawal.

Withdrawing from a course

First you must withdraw from all your units   

  • You can apply for leave of absence to hold your place in your course for up to a year.  This may give you time to assess your situation.  
  • If you believe you could continue your studies if you had more support, there are  counselling, medical  and academic  help services available. You can also consult with the Student Wellbeing Advisory Service. 
  • If you wish to discontinue your studies you must withdraw from all your units and then request course withdrawal by sending an enquiry to Curtin Connect. A response to your enquiry will be sent to your student email.

Where a course withdrawal request is submitted after the last withdrawal via eStudent it will not be processed until after the official results publication date for the study period.

Special consideration for refund

If your ability to complete your units was affected by circumstances beyond your control you may be eligible to receive special consideration.  For more details read the Refund and Remission of Fees page.

If you are a Curtin OUA FEE-HELP student you should visit the OUA website to apply for Special Circumstances.