Study load

When you enrol in units at Curtin you will have an enrolment load, or study load, that comprises credit points. Typically, a unit at Curtin is worth 25 credit points, however it does vary – you will be able to check your units and the associated credit point weighting using eStudent in OASIS.

Your enrolment study load is directly related to the course you are enrolled.   This information is outlined in the Curtin courses handbook under the Course Structure heading.

A full-time study load for the majority of courses is:

  • 100 credits each semester
  • 75 credits each trimester
  • 50 credits each Uni term
  • 50 credits each OUA study period.

Registered full-time duration or course length

The registered full time duration or course length is the expected time it will take you to complete your course if you study full time.  This information is provided in the Curtin Courses Handbook just below the course title or under duration and availability.

The course length is used to determine:

  • The maximum length of time that you are permitted to complete your course and receive your award.
  • The duration specified on an electronic confirmation of enrolment (eCoE), issued if you are studying in Australia on an international student visa.

Minimum study load for student visa or Centrelink

If you are an international student on a student visa or a domestic student in receipt of a payment from Centrelink, you are required to maintain a minimum study load to ensure you meet the requirements.

  • Domestic students: 75 credits per semester or trimester.
  • International students on a student visa: 100 credits per semester.

Reducing your study load - international students on a student visa

If you are an international student and you are considering reducing your study load or your course has a reduced study load of less than 100 credit points, you will need to:

If you need to withdraw from units after the semester commences you must seek approval to reduce your study load before you withdraw from any units.

If you reduce your study load you may not complete your course within the expected course or visa duration and may need to apply for another student visa. If you have no formal approval to reduce your study load your may have your request for a confirmation of enrolment (COE) document declined. A COE is required for further student visa application.

Maximum time to complete your course

You are required to complete your course within a specified period, which includes any time taken as a leave of absence.

The course length (registered full time duration) is used to calculate this time.  For example, if your course length is:

  • up to 1 year – 5 years maximum time to complete course
  • up to 2 year – 7 years maximum time to complete course
  • 3 years or longer – 10 years maximum time to complete course.

The maximum allowable time to complete a course will be clearly specified in the information on courses.

Variations to the maximum time to complete may be approved by the relevant Head of School. Any discretion to extend the period in which a student is able to complete their course is reviewed on a case-by-case basis and is determined by the relevant Head of School.

Equivalent full time student load (EFTSL)

An equivalent full time student load (EFTSL) is a representation of what your study load would be for one year of full time study. At Curtin, 1.0 EFTSL is considered a full time student load.

Coursework students

If you are a coursework student, 1.0 EFTSL is equal to 200 credit points. You can determine the EFTSL value of each of your units by dividing the credits associated with your units by 200. For example, a 25 credit unit has an EFTSL value of 0.125.

HDR students

If you are completing a higher degree by research (HDR) thesis, your EFTSL is calculated based on your study rate over the course of one year. If you are undertaking research full time you will have a study rate of 1.0 and will consume 1.0 EFTSL for the year. This study rate will be reduced if you decide to study part time (normally to 0.5), if you are concurrently enrolled in coursework units as part of your course, or if you are on an approved leave of absence.

Elective Units

Elective units allow you to study almost any unit you choose within the structure of your current course.
You will need to ensure that you have met any requisites and conditions attached to the unit and you are unable to study more than 250 credits of first year units within a bachelor’s degree.
For enrolment assistance please visit our useful eStudent help page.
You may also view the units Curtin has to offer in the Curtin University Handbook.