Steps to accept your offer and enrol

  1. Activate your OASIS account.
  2. The Get Started tab in OASIS will then guide you through the following enrolment steps:
    • accept your offer
    • meet your conditions if they are applicable
    • complete your electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF) to apply for Government assistance
    • indicate your major and enrol in units
    • set your timetable and register for classes and tutorials
    • complete other tasks such as confirm your details and  apply for your student ID card
    • get ready for O-Week.
  3. Confirm your enrolment is correct and meets any specific requirements.

Requirements for enrolment

Where possible you must enrol for the full academic year. There may be specific criteria you need to meet prior to enrolment into units. For more information on this or how to enrol please visit our Student Essential page.

If you are having issues with enrolment refer to Why can't I enrol into a unit?

How to confirm your enrolment

Go to OASIS > My Studies > eStudent > My Enrolment

From here you can check your enrolment and email yourself a copy of your enrolment advice.

It is important that you ensure your enrolment reflects the following:

  • Correct units and no additional units
  • Appropriate study mode such as internal or online
  • Correct study period, such as Semester 1 or 2 Appropriate course structure as shown in the Curtin Courses Handbook
If you generate your enolment advice after you have completed both your enrolment and class registration it will outline your enrolment and class registration.
Inaccurate enrolment will affect your academic record, your fee liability and reporting to other agencies, such as Centrelink. For example, if you do not withdraw from a unit correctly, you will be liable for the fees and a fail grade will appear on your Academic Record.

Where to get further help:

Where to get further help