Cross-institutional enrolment

Outbound enrolment is where a student remains enrolled in their principal course at Curtin and undertake units from another Australian university.

Inbound enrolment is where a student remains enrolled in their principle course in another Australian University undertakes units at Curtin.

Both universities agree to the enrolment and the student obtains credit for the units in their principal course.

If you study a unit at another university without prior agreement then your credit is not guaranteed and you will need to submit a credit for recognised learning application.

Applying for cross-institutional enrolment

Outbound: Students who have satisfactorily completed their first year of study can apply by completing a Cross-Institutional Enrolment – Outbound application form.

InboundStudents who meet Curtin University’s English competency requirements or have successfully completed one full year of university study can apply using the following forms:

You may need to consider the cut-off dates published on the academic calendar.

Further information

For further information contact Curtin Connect or email the Cross-Institutional Enrolments Officer at