Class registration

When you enrol in your units in eStudent you may also need to register for classes such as lectures and tutorials.

If you are new to your course you will be guided through this process as you progress through EnrolNow.

If you are studying online or externally you will not need to register for classes.

The information provided below will give you an idea of what you can expect or guide you if you experience any problems with your class registration.

Unable to register in classes

You may not be able to class register due to a number of reasons.


  • You are enrolled in the unit
  • Your Official Communications (OC) via OASIS when the class registration system opens.
  • Your attendance mode - online or internal. If you are studying online units you do not need to register in classes.
  • If you have a timetable clash. You may need to Swap Classes.
  • If you are enrolled in the correct semester.
  • If your unit has streamed classes as this may affect the registration process.
  • If all the classes are full: Click the 'View Full Classes' on the My Classes tab. 
If you are experiencing difficulties with class registration, please contact Curtin Connect for further assistance.
Please note students studying first year Engineering (EFY) are grouped into streams for class registration and this is created and monitored by the School. If you are studying EFY and have any queries regarding class registration please contact the School. Please be advised changes to class registration for EFY are rare and considered on the basis of exceptional circumstances.