Class registration

After you have enrolled in units in eStudent, you may also need to register for classes such as lectures and tutorials.

The information provided below will assist you in completing your class registration to create your timetable.

Completing your class registration

How do I plan my timetable?

Curtin's useful planning tool Plan Your Timetable allows you to experiment with different combinations of classes (e.g. lectures/tutorials) to come up with a timetable that suits your availability. You cannot do this in eStudent, as it only allows you to see the classes for units that you are already enrolled into.

Planning a timetable in Plan Your Timetable does not affect your enrolment or class registration. You will still need to go into eStudent to complete these steps.

How do I register for classes?

Before you can register for classes, you must enrol into units. The class registration date will be communicated to you via Official Communication before each study period.
To complete your class registration, follow the steps below:
  1. Login to OASIS.
  2. Select the My Studies tab.
  3. Select the eStudent tile. 
  4. Select the My Classes tab.
  5. Click Register next to each of your enrolled units. The class options for each unit will appear in the timetable grid below. 
  6. Hover over your selected class time and click the plus (+) icon. To see all the classes you are required to attend for each unit, click the plus icon (+) next to the unit name. 
  7. Once you have chosen your classes for the selected unit, click the Save button. 
  8. If you wish to change your class selection after saving, click the Change button next to the relevant unit, reselect your class time and click Save
If you require further assistance, please contact Curtin Connect.

When will class registration open?

You will be notified of the date class registration opens via Official Communications Channel in OASIS or your academic email. Class registration and enrolment do not open on the same day, so be sure to note both important dates.

View the Academic Calendar for other important dates and deadlines at Curtin.

More about class registration

Do I need to class register for Fully Online units?

No, you are not required to class register and create a class timetable if you are enrolled into the Fully Online attendance mode of a unit. 
You can view the attendance mode of your currently enrolled units under the My Enrolment tab in eStudent
If you are studying through Open Universities Australia (OUA), you are also not required to complete class registration as your studies will be undertaken online.

Why can't I register for classes?

You may be unable to register for a class due to the following reasons:

  • You are not enrolled in the unit or enrolled in a different study period. You can check your current enrolment under the My Enrolment tab in eStudent.  
  • Class registration is not open for the study period you are trying to register for. Check your Official Communications Channel in OASIS for the class registration opening date.
  • You are enrolled into the Fully Online attendance mode of the unit. You are not required to class register for Fully Online units. 
  • Your desired class choice is clashing with a class you have already registered for. You may need to Swap Classes
If you are still experiencing difficulties with class registration, please contact Curtin Connect for further assistance.

What do I do if I have a class timetable clash?

If you experience a clash when completing your class registration in eStudent, please check the following:

  • Ensure that you are enrolled correctly by following the course structure on the Courses Handbook.
  • Check that there are no alternative times available for the clashing units.
  • If one of the clashing units is an optional/elective unit, you may need to choose an alternative optional/elective unit.
  • If your clash is between a lecture and another activity, you can choose to leave the lecture unregistered and watch it via iLecture at another time convenient to you. 
  • If your clash is between two core units, you may wish to select another unit.
If you are unable to resolve the clash, please contact Curtin Connect

When you’ve completed your class registration, generate an Enrolment Advice for a record of your enrolled units and chosen classes.